California {Grandma Jane’s}

We are back from an amazing 12 day trip to visit Grandma Jane (where Dan grew up) and Grandpa Mike in Mt. Shasta.  It’s been three years since we’ve been back so we made sure to make this trip extra long to get as much time in with them as possible.

Everyday was adventure filled.  We ate good food, played a ton, relaxed a bit and just talked and hung out.  Here are the highlights… there will be MANY pictures in the next few posts 😉

Jane lives about three hours north of Sacramento, 20 minutes outside of Weaverville.  Which, is about halfway between Arcata and Redding.  She just also happens to live right near the Trinity river, lake and Alps which are just awesome. Crystal clear water, big mountains and always fun places to go play in and around the water.


Good morning.  She’s off a dirt road.  Her backyard goes right up the mountain and if you look out her front, there’s mountains all around as well.  It’s real quiet at night there and the stars…you can see SO many!


It’s the season of blackberries and they’re all over.  These are in her driveway, lots more down by the creek just down the hill from here.


It’s was hot, hot, hot when we arrived.  Thank you Jane for the pool to cool us down those really hot days.


Always looking for lizards and frogs…


Dan’s sister Kelly was able to come stay with us as well.  She and Andy live in Redding, so it was nice that she could come be with us for four days. She’s due with baby boy in October.  We can’t wait for a new cousin!


Laps in the yard, swim suit on of course.


Jane’s freshly squeezed juice.  Oh my word, SO good!


Deerlick springs.  The little swimming hold is about 20 mins from her house.  Sam was SUPER brave and swam a ton, even when the water was pretty chilly.  He did that rope swing a few times and jumped off two different cliffs.  He definitely takes after Dan when it comes to this stuff…


He was set on finding a crawfish or turtle.  He found a turtle the night before and we found two crawfish this day.  He.was.stoked.


So much playing makes for afternoon naps!


Spent a day at the river with friends Kari and kids and Mike came over from Mt. Shasta.  I wish you could see JUST how clear that water is.  So cool.



Kelly, Kari, Dan, Mike, Jane



Jane made delicious meals for us the entire time, with the exception of this night.  She works at a lovely cafe and took us there one night. So yummy!  Chicken with a butter and artichoke sauce.


The cafe is inside the Indian Creek Lodge and the back of it is the river.  The sun was setting and it was just beautiful out there.


My people.


Went down the road to the creek and picked this huge bowl of blackberries within 10 minutes.  He snarfed them.


Intently explaining stuff to Grandma


More time at Deerlick springs.


Enjoy the sun in the chairs, get too hot, jump in water…repeat 😉


The scene most mornings.  Jane made her epic and delicious breakfasts every morning but one.  We did get out to breakfast before Kelly left.  Great to see you at the Nugget, Sally.  We just love you!




Our last day brought time at another amazingly clear swimming hole on the river, Cherry Flat.  Dan used to work at the general store down the road at the “resort” that’s near here.  He’s spent LOTS of time at this place.





Even Grandma jumped the cliff.  He was so stoked to see her jump!


Thank you Jane for such a good time.  For the yummy food, cozy house, adventures…all of it!  We love you so much and can’t wait to see you here in UT this winter.


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