More Summer


Just a few pictures from our visit to Naomi last week.  Even though we weren’t there long, it always makes me feel good to be there.  Sad yes, but mostly happy and peaceful.


Thank you Jane and Kelly for the flowers.  They were extra pretty and purple this year.  I LOVE them!


Short and sweet visit with Grandma Carol and Grandpa John this year.


It’s hot, hot, hot right now but last Monday was a weird 75 degree day.  Had to go out and enjoy it right in the middle of the day. 😉


Swim time and lunch to celebrate Parks 5th birthday (he’s in the middle)


Our friends grow ginormous zucchini. So glad they need to get rid of some.  SO big.


Playing, riding bikes and slurpees with River.


Ali and family returned from their amazing trip to Florida.  Admittedly we missed them A LOT!  I found them snuggling downstairs the other day.  It was pretty adorable.  You can see the latest with Ruby and some exciting things going on with Ali on their BLOG HERE.


Oh Ruby, I love that you love to swim and swim and swim.  Siri and Sam didn’t want to swim but she did and since we were watching them, we split up.  Ruby insisted she go to the pool with Dan while I stay home with the other kids.  Done and Done!  I’m not sure  many people know this, but Dan has a super duper special soft spot for this little lady in his heart.  She was born only eight months after Naomi passed and he’s always felt this special connection/bond or whatever you want to call it with her.  Also, very adorable.


And a rare cloudy morning for an early ride.  I got out Saturday and Dan got in a good one Sunday up higher.  Just doing summer things and a short trip to the cabin this week.  Can’t wait for you to come visit, Jenn!


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