The 4th, a race and FOUR years


Naomi’s gift from Sam.  While I was out riding, he made her a gift and a card.  Sam has such a tender heart for her and the meaning she has in our home.  FOUR years have passed.  The burden of the sadness and heartache gets a bit easier as the years go by, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get sad.  She is ALWAYS in my heart and mind as time moves forward.


Got up early for a ride alone up one of my favorites…Armstrong Pinecone.  My legs are toast now, but I loved having that time to think about all of the happiness and joy I have in my life and also to reflect on the day she was born.

Just so much beauty outside.  We finished the day with a yummy skirt steak dinner and I made some delicious (GF) brownies…from scratch. 😉


Earlier in the week we celebrated Independence Day with in the morning with Ali and family.  We love going up the road to the Granite City parade.  Small and just the right amount of time.  The kids loved it!


Love seeing these two together.



Also got some swimming in.  The pool was empty the first hour.

He and Dan went on an evening ride on a new trail called WOW up in Midway with River and Ted.  They were gone til after 10pm, but he insisted on doing the sparklers and pop-its he begged for earlier in the day.




Swimming with River during the week.  Best buds!


And finally, race day!  He’s been signed up for the Nordic Valley Super D for well over a month.  He asked every couple days when the race is.  They shredded it!


We all spent the day up there.  Practice laps, hanging out, awards, prizes, frisbee playing and then finally time to race around 4:30pm.


The boys


Waiting to start


River 1st and Sam 4th.  He did SO awesome, especially considering he was the only kid on a fully rigid 16″ bike.  Pretty much everyone else was on a 20″ with some suspension.  He beat a couple other kids.  Proud parent moments for sure this weekend and I’m just so happy he LOVES to do this stuff.  IMG_20160709_175429

And a BIG thank you to Dan, for spending so much time with Sam riding with and teaching him.  It really is so awesome to watch these two as they progress as the months go by.

And just a few more pics from one of the best Crest rides I’ve done yet.  Friends Re and Pip rallied me to go on a dawn patrol ride a few days before we left for Cali.  That 4:15am wake up call was 110% worth it!





Looking forward to seeing our California family here in a few short weeks.  We cannot wait!


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