San Clemente

Back from one of our best trips yet! Seven days with all of my siblings, kids and my Mom.  Besides the issue with our car on the drive there, it was smooth sailing and SO, SO much fun being together.  It went better than we all expected and I really can’t wait to do another beach trip together again someday.  For now though, here are a bunch of photos to sum up the trip.


Late afternoon palm trees when we arrived.  We stayed in two condos, right by the North beach in San Clemente.  Two families in one condo, the other three and my Mom in the other.


Prettiness at the top of the stairs, right by the front door.


Some of them went to the beach right after we got there.


Pizza night!


Two big decks to hangout on right off the kitchens, another one on the rooftop.


The first morning we were there, Alex and Sam were up first and early.  Like 6:15 and ready to be awake.  Took them for a walk on the beach so everyone else could sleep in peace and quiet 😉


I didn’t mind though since it was SO beautiful out there.


Cousin Benjamin (he’s 15 and TALL!)  This day was Salt Creek Beach at the Strand.


Dan was able to be with us for a few days.  Drove down with us Saturday and flew out Tuesday afternoon.  That traffic around LAX…GAHHH!  Please never again. 😉


He and Mark got some surfing in with the shorter boards at the condo.  SO glad he got out there.


Sam, Kate, Siri, Jane and Max


Lots of time outside


Random evening on the beach.  I love these people!

Dan, Matt, Ali, Liz, Emily and Sheri




A few of us where motivated enough to get some exercise in a few of the days.  I was SO happy to see Justin out there, even before us!


We ran down to the pier and back and then hit the stairs on the way back.  This day I don’t even know how many times I went up and down.  Ali decided to time us going up, so of course I wanted to beat Matt.  I was  sore the next few days.  Those stairs were no joke!


Had to 😉


Our Crew




North beach right by the condo


Rooftop cousin dance party.  Oldest to youngest.  Max turned Six and Enzo turned Five while we were there!

Benjamin, Connor, Izac, Emily, Kate, Alex, Siri, Sam, Max, Jane, Enzo, Ruby



Salt Creek Beach once more before Dan had to leave.


I’m SO glad Dan suggested we go see his grandparents, Nan and Pops before we took him to the airport.  They are right on the way in Torrance.  Pops isn’t doing so well, so I know Dan really wanted to see him.  And he remembers Sam SO well, it was really awesome to see. And Nanny…she’s as silly as ever.  I just LOVE her.


Stories before bed.


Said goodbye to Dan, the next day…California Adventures with the entire family.  He was BEYOND stoked to be there.


Got there for the 8am opening.  We walked towards Carsland…on the way, it just so happened that the Tower of Terror was right there with no lines.  We explained what the ride was like to Sam and he said he still wanted to go..  Was hoping Max would want to, but he was smarter than us 😉   I’m 100% sure Sam didn’t know what he was getting into.  He gripped my hands and arms SO tight!  Those drops though…my stomach felt like it left my body, yikes!  This picture was taken before two of the really big up and downs.  After he said, “Mom, I’m going to have nightmares…not about the ride, but about what I saw in the mirrors!”  He also said he was glad he, “got it over with first so I don’t have to ever do it again.”  Ha!  He was brave…and cousin Jane, too!



He and Max had tons of fun together!



Grizzly Rapids.  We got soaked which felt so, so good.  It washot this day, which makes standing in line hard, but it was all worth it!  If we ever go to Disneyland again, we’ll be going in the late fall or winter time there.  For real.


I wasn’t sure how long he’d last, but he just kept going and going and going.  At one point he complained quite a bit, but we took a break in the shade and ate some food.  He got his third wind after that!


Thanks to uncle Dave, we got a bunch of fast passes so we didn’t wait in as long of lines as some people.  This is Radiator Springs Racers.  Sam will tell you about this ride 10 times over he loved it so much.  I have to say it was pretty cool at night with all the lights.  We rode it at 8pm then went back right before it closed at 8:55 with Matt and Justin’s family.


9:30 pm.  We closed it down!


…annnnd done!  Getting out of the park, through the Disney store and waiting for the tram to get to the parking lot plus the drive back added on a lot of time.  I think we got into bed around 11:30pm.  Whew!


The view most mornings.  LOVE.


Another beach day.  Connor and Ruby.



The kids got really into boogie boarding a few days in.  He took two pretty bad falls when Dan was there, so I was stoked he tried it again.  He and Max kept going and going…


Talent show Thursday night!  Each cousin and some of the aunts and uncles did a talent and it was SO great!  Grandma and Siri sang Country Roads by John Denver.


Ali did an awesome headstand.  Jane and I did ours together.  She did 10 perfect jumping jacks, then I did six pushups with her on my back 😉


Followed by another dance party.  Seriously, we had SO much fun!


Cooler beach day snuggles with Rubes.


Mark, Ruby, Emily, Kate, Siri, Sam


Last morning run with Ali.  I don’t usually run…like, at all but it felt pretty darn easy at sea level 😉


Said goodbye to Ali and Mark then dinner out with the rest of us.  It was our only dinner out all together the entire trip.  Cooking in and hanging out on the deck was way more fun!


Grandma Carol with (most of) her grand kids.


One more beautiful sunset…


And birthday ice cream, bubbles and dance party for Enzo.  Perfect way to end the trip!


There was a cute little cafe right across from the condo, so one last stop there before hitting the road.  Thank you to my Mom who traveled with Sam and me the entire way home.


We did the entire drive on the way down, but we decided to stay in St. George on the way home.  He was stoked to stay in the hotel…I really just wanted my own bed if I couldn’t have the beach 😉


And a big THANK YOU to  Matt, for making this happen.  He has wanted to go on a trip like this with all of us for several years and finally pushed us all to just do it.  Love you brother!


LOVE you all!


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