Happy Father’s Day


The best Dad around.  One of the many reason he’s the best…because spending time with this kid is SO important to him!  I could go on and on about you, but you already know how we feel about you and how hard you work for our little family.  WE LOVE YOU!


He got up early to go on a longer solo ride in Payson CanyonPANO_20160619_113556SUCH a beautiful place, just a little over an hour away.



He was home early afternoon for some swimming and a yummy steak dinner…just what he wanted 🙂


The rest of the weekend was spent going to Millie’s Princess Foundation fundraiser, biking and just hanging out.  He and the girls and cousin Emily did the kids 2k, they did great!  And, the characters wandering around the event were SO legit.  Sam’s day was made right when we got there and saw all the Star Wars people.


He was pretty nervous about that HUGE Chewie for about an hour, but then quickly asked to get a picture with him.  By far, the coolest costume!


We donated to the run and also bought wrist bands so the kids could do all the fun stuff they had going on.  They LOVED those huge balls in the water behind us.


The card he sent to Grandpa Mike.  Can you tell what it is?  Just he and Mike scrambling to the top of some mountains….so, so fitting 😉


New favorite park.  He and Siri happily played for almost two hours in this spot.


A trip to the Zoo with the three amigos.


And some time up on the Quarry with them as well earlier last week.


Went to the top!


And this beauty.  Make A Wish(but everything done and sponsored by Bank of England) granted her wish last week and it was just…amazing and generous and just so awesome.  It was so touching to see so many people make a big deal out of this night to make it SO special for her…and for their whole family!  She was granted a pedal bike from Princess Elsa and Anna.  They’ll be heading to Florida early July as well, hoping Ruby continues to feel well.




Check Ali’s blog for updates on Ruby.

Can’t wait to be with all of my siblings and kids here soon.  We are counting down the days over here…;)

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