We Rallied for Ruby


The main lady of the morning!  THANK YOU…thank you to all of you family and friends that came out to support, donate and give hugs to the Thackeray family.  It was overwhelming the amount of people that rallied for Ruby, in the best possible way!

As Ali says, “if you’ve been in unicorn land and don’t know,”the two cycles of Nivolumab didn’t work.  The tumors have grown.  It’s just really hard to write and my mind keeps going down to dark places thinking about her and what’s to come and I don’t like that, but I know it’s real and we have to be realistic sometimes.  From Ali’s blog, she sums it up best:

We tried an immunotherapy drug but unfortunately it didn’t work, the tumors have grown. Waiting to see if there is another option, and in the meantime, trusting in God and enjoying our time together.

And that’s exactly what they’re doing.  It’s exactly what we’re doing.   Enjoying all the time we have with Ruby and family having fun and living life!  Because really, that’s the choice we have right now.


There was face painting, hair braiding…


(Ali’s hair) games, bike parade, fun run, treats you could buy with tickets and the most awesome silent auction you’ve seen!  I think we had well over 250 items donated and up for bid…so amazing!


Even the Chik-Fil-A cow came out to support them!


Bike parade just about to start.  I’m sure Siri was having tons of fun, despite her face 😉


Jane, Grandpa John and Ruby.   Her face looks amazing, right?!


The loves of my life right there.


I SO wished Jenn and family could have been here with us.  I hope you know that we missed you and love you!  And if I’m being honest, I’ve cried probably four times today looking at this picture of us.  It’s just…I want to take the heartache away but I know I cannot.  Ali was there for me after Naomi and I know she knows I’m there for she and her family, whatever they need.  “Sisters, Sisters…never were there such devoted sisters!” (name the movie!)


Oh, and he was all ready to go Friday night, decked out in his bike decorations.

It was mild and cool for almost the entire Rally, then rain came just as it was ending.  It was perfect timing!  The rain continued the rest of the day.


But, woke up to clear skies.  I find lots of peace and comfort when I’m on my bike.  Out for a short ride up the Quarry.

Dan got in a ride as well, after I shuttled them on Rush.

It was HUMID!



Siri sure knows how to be sweet and sensitive.  She told me not to look at what she was drawing…It’s a Naomi flower!


And rewind to earlier last week which was filled with hot temps and lots of swimming.  Jane’s face…I don’t even know?!


Might as well…


The three amigos thinking Dan is hilarious

Over and over and over…


Water balloons!


Her face.


Sent this to Ali on Tuesday after she told us the Ruby news.  LOVES all around!



Swim time with River and his family at one of their awesome families backyards.  They swam like fish for hours.


And more swim time with the ladies at another family backyard.  Just…the best.




This precious beauty.  Always on our minds.

We have a week full of summer, swimming, gym stuff, family stuff and more bike riding I’m sure!


One thought on “We Rallied for Ruby

  1. I love this post…. It is sad and makes me cry, but more so there is so much LOVE in this post…. I love the strength and love in your family. Love and prayers your way

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