And just like that…he’s onto first grade!  But FIRST…all things summer and fun!

The had a short and sweet little graduation program last week.  They called up each child individually, it was SO awesome.


Sam and Behr made quite the awesome duo this year.  And Ms. Mulrain…going to miss her a lot.  The best teacher in all the land!


Field day where they played all things water games and obstacle courses.


First day of Kindergarten 2015—>Last day 2016


So thankful for their friendship.


Rewind to last Monday, Memorial Day.  Ted, Dan and the boys went up to check out the Ogden dirt jumps.  The riding was kind of a bust, but they found this awesome jump into the dirt.  Over and over and over…

They played there for a bit, hit up a skate park and rode a bit more before coming home after being out


And this large Gopher snake that Dan just missed smashing with his tire 😉


I taught an awesome class at Thryve and had some fun at the pool with Ali and family while they were biking.


Hi Ruby!


Just stayed mellow at home with the three of us.  A super yummy dinner and lots of swinging.  Temps were PERFECT.



Getting warmer by midweek.  Took them to the splash pad across the street.  Lots of trips here this summer I’m sure.


Still on as a sub at UFC.  Taught a random 6am last week as well.  I’ve missed this crew, but not that early wake up call 😉


Friday came around and it was off for a sleepover weekend at Grandma Carol’s with Siri, woot!  They had a total blast eating pizza, playing together in the dirt, taking bikes rides and even went to dinner at the Oakley Polar King….lucky!


Dan and I were going to stay in a nice hotel in Park City, but decided to save the money and  sleep in our own bed.  It was an awesome staycation!  Saturday we couldn’t sleep in, so we were out the door at 7:30am for a couple hour ride in Draper.  Had to get out early since the highs are now in the mid 90’s, whew!  Potato Hill-Ann’s-Eagle Crest (south side of Suncrest)-Jacobs-Ghost Falls-Lower Rush.  It’s always such a treat when we get to go just the two of us with no time limit or feeling like we need to rush to get home.  A trip to Costco and a long lunch out chatting with friends Re and Austin.  And, we actually watched a movie…like, a real long movie (we RARELY do that).  The Martian.  Loved it!


Just beautiful.  We’re so lucky we live here and have healthy bodies to be able to do this.


Sunday brought a slow breakfast and taking our time to get out the door to ride in Park City.  It was already pretty warm at 10am but the higher we went the better it felt. Still warm though ;).  Jenni’s-Tommy’s Two Step-Mojave-CMG.  It was a good one with lots of sweat!  Had some awesome tacos at one of our favorite mexican markets, Anyas.  They have a pretty epic little taco place in the back of the store.  SO freaking good and you can see them making the tortillas right in front of you.  Oh, and the mixed fruit with chili sauce and lime salt is to die for.  Go there just for that.  Really.

First full week of summer.  Counting down the days to our big family beach trip at the end of the month.  Also, make sure to keep checking Ali’s blog for Ruby updates.  She has her first set of scans on Tuesday and this will be the moment they’ll find out of the Nivo drug is working.  ALI AND MARKS BLOG

And, the Rally For Ruby Fun Run and Bike Parade is coming up this Saturday, June 11th!  All details can be found here.  Don’t forget to sign up or please just come say hi, hello and lift their spirits and give Ruby a big hug.




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