School’s out!

Well, almost…

Last day on Thursday, where Sam will have a little graduation from Kindergarten.  First grade here he comes.  But first, we need to have tons of fun this summer 🙂




Cheap plastic pool=TONS of fun


Got to hangout with this beauty last week while Ali, Mark and Ruby were at the hospital.  I don’t spend  much one on one time with Jane, so I loved it!


Just a lot of silliness



Monday’s we’ve been riding the Quarry.  I know you all know this already, but I LOOOOVE sharing this love of biking thing with Dan and Sam.  It’s just the best.




The swing seat cracked right in half.  Talked about SUPER bummed.  Good thing Dan is on it, making them a new one right now.  That rope swing has been one of the BEST and most fun things we have in the yard!


Rode bikes with my brother Matt Saturday morning.  I just love riding with him.  We don’t get to often enough so I’ll take it when he has the time.


While I was here riding with Matt and doing house things, Dan and Sam rode lift served at Sundance ALL DAY LONG!  River was racing so they stuck it out and waiting til his race time at 5:45pm.  It was a long day but they seriously had the best time.  That’s Rivers mom Ciara on the chair with them.  IMG_20160528_165344

Dan tried to register Sam for the age 7 and under race that River was doing but it was full.  He happily cheered him on though.  Only sad for a little bit that he couldn’t do it.   He and Dan went back Sunday for some more laps.  Dan timed his DH run to pretend like he was racing.  He shredded it!


Until next week…  Enjoy this prettiness and hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day.



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