Another weekend of cooler and stormy weather put a damper on our riding plans, so nothing super exciting today.  Last weeks Wednesday night storm was epic!  So.much.lightning.


Dan was out of town for lots of the week for work, so I rallied Ted and River to shuttle with us.  It was so, so fun being with these two and Ted.  Dan see’s them more than I do so it was good to hangout and chat with Ted.


The three amigos doing what they do.


The ladies and Sam.  LOVE these four.

You can keep checking Ali’s blog for updates.  Ruby will get her fourth dose of Nivo Tuesday and scans first of June.  If you haven’t seen or heard yet, there will be a super amazingly fun Rally for Ruby Fun Run and Bike Parade.  This fundraiser will be a total party and a great way for all of you to see and support Ruby and family.


JUNE 11th, 9-11am

Butler Middle School

You can register to do the Fun Run or Bike Parade or both…OR, just come and say hi and see the amazing silent auction, activities, food and music and just BE with them.


Lots of fun things going on these last few weeks of school.  Friday night was the Grand Event.  Lots of activities, treats and dinner with all proceeds going to their school. They had a blast!



First time riding a school bus.  To say he was stoked is an understatement.  He was beyond excited to ride that thing to Wheeler Farm with his class.


All of his class in the outhouse! 😉


And his week was made when he scored TWO goals in his soccer game!  He’s been trying for two seasons to score a goal and he finally got ’em!  Root beer and some In n Out to celebrate with Ali and girls.

I start teaching at Thryve tomorrow.  Taking on three classes there for now.  Excited for a new adventure in teaching and coaching different styles of group classes.  Everyone in the classes wears a heart rate monitor belt so it’s super fun to see the competition going to see who can burn the most calories and work the hardest.  I’m SO hoping this will be a good fit for me so that I can take on more classes when Sam goes to 1st grade in August.  The owners are such good people and I fully support them.  Here’s to new and exciting adventures, learning and growing more in this part time career I’ve built.


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