Dan is 34


Happy Birthday to you Dan!  34 years young and, “feeling pretty darn awesome!”


Celebrated with our annual birthday BBQ  with just a small crowd this year.


The boys had a blast playing together.    River, Sam, Parks and Behr.


Dan made his delicious smoked pulled pork, beans and…


cornbread, of course!  SO yummy.


First watermelon of the warmer months.  Sam and I gave Dan a few little random, special treats and he’ll be gifting himself some much needed bike stuff.  Bike stuff + treats=best gifts.


I hope you know how much Sam and I love and appreciate all you do for our little family.  I sure am one lucky lady, that’s for sure.


Snuck in an early birthday ride during the week on the Quarry.


And the three of us rode the Quarry Monday night and holy cow the skies opened up just as we were finished.  SO MUCH rain, hail, thunder, lighting.  He was smiling the entire time. Woot!


They went up to the mountains to scramble and hike around while I got party stuff ready.  Was high 80’s Saturday, rainy and cooler today.





And earlier last week I took Jane with us to play around the Quarry.  Lots of water flowing right now, so they threw rocks and played in the water for a while.





“Can we just camp here tonight, pleeeeease?!”


The three amigos.


And he played with River again one afternoon.  Bike movies, skate part fun and a slurpee to finish it off.  These two are quite the scene when we go there 😉


A little drama performance at school last week as well.  We’re getting down to the last few weeks of school and I’m happy about it.  Looking forward to not having to be anywhere before 8:15am, a few trips to Cali and swimming at the pool with Ali and friends everyday…living it up before 1st grade starts!


Just because 🙂


And the new gym where I’ll be teaching (Thryve Fitness Club) is coming along.  They still have some things to  finish up and do to smooth things out there but so far, I like it.  Probably be teaching 3-4 classes within the next few weeks.  Thank you Ali and friend Jen for coming with me one day last week.

Oh, and mark your calendars and take note…this is from Ali’s blog:

Saturday June 11
5K and Bike Parade
7500 S 2700 E. Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

There will be face painting and a silent auction. Yes, its a fundraiser for Ruby, but I really want people to just come and have fun with us. If you don’t want to enter the events or buy tickets…I don’t care. I hope you’ll come anyway just to say hi and enjoy a morning together with us (and nice weather fingers crossed). Whether we are related, I see you often, or its been years, I hope you’ll come if you’re not on a fun summer vacation 🙂 I’ll post more details soon.

And tomorrow, Monday May 16 at 6:30pm, KSL channel 5 is doing a story on Ruby if you want to watch or see it online later.


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