Rain Rain Sun Sun


Lots of rain on and off last week.  Sure was beautiful inbetween the showers though.


“Mom, you know you can still bike, even in the rain duh!”


Boys and their rocks.  Lots of cloudy days and over the weekend we had lots of sun!


Bike date for us.  Thanks Ali for watching Sam.  Next time I’ll make sure my legs aren’t totally worked from the previous two days of working out.  Oops!


So pretty out there.


Post ride food.  Had to check out Ali’s recommendation of Pastries n Chaat.  It’s like the Indian version of our favorite, affordable place Oh Mai.  That sauce was spicy but deeeeelish.  Must go there again soon 😉


And the next night we watched the girls so they could go out.  “Show me your silliest face.”


My Tuesday 6amers working hard.  SO happy Ali made it this day.  When you can’t sleep at 5am, you might as well workout.  Make sure you look at Ali and Mark’s blog for all the updates about Ruby and how life is going as the weeks go by.


Event for UFC over the weekend.  I really wasn’t planning on going, especially since Fitcon is NOT my scene but I’m glad I was able to be there for a few hours, mainly during the workout we put on for the crowd.  And since I work with these beautiful, positive and strong women, it’s very easy to be motivated and happy around them.  Such great women.


And with all the sun came lots of riding, of course.  Ted, River, Dan and Sam went to I Street and a Bobsled lap Saturday.IMG_20160501_131000

He got over one of his “my mind is just locked!” moments and cleared this gap.  He’s been watching River do it for a few weeks now.  So proud of him!  Going way bigger than his mom, that’s for sure.


Entrance to the Bobsled.  This trail is very well known behind the U of U and the Avenues.  A go-to for SO many people.  Pretty technical the first part and mellows out to some super fun berms the rest of the way down.  Saturday he did amazing, yesterday he was pretty tired and had a good meltdown til about half way down.  I rode ahead and Dan saved the day with a reset button, a break and well, he just knows how to ride with Sam better than I do at this point when he’s like that.  Thank you Dad!
Watching Sam fly over us. He requested we sit beneath and watch him jump 😉



Just so thankful and feeling such a huge amount of joy that he likes to be out there doing this stuff.  As long as he’s having fun, THAT’S what matters to us.   Finally warming up again all of this week.  We’ll be outside lots I’m sure.

Oh, and I haven’t posted one of these for a while.  Sometimes I need and want to look back to see just how far I’ve come.  I snapped this picture in Ali’s bathroom after Ruby said, “Look at your hairs in a bun, they look so cute like that!”  Here is what I said on IG earlier in the week when I posted it.  Sums up my feelings 100% right now…


“Looking back is really good for me to see how far I’ve come on this journey.  I set out to lose 50lbs and get my heart, mind and health in a better place after losing Naomi.  These pics are 10 years apart.  It’s taken me a long time and some serious mental and emotional battles to get here…all of which I’m thankful for.  It’s a never ending way of life now and it’s becoming easier and easier to maintain.  I did lose more than 50lbs, but now I don’t really care about a certain number on the scale because guess what?!  Being healthy, strong, confident and not depriving myself is WAY more important than some silly number you can obsess over.  Here’s to all of you who inspire me daily, month and year after year!”


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