Just a lot of biking


Spent most of the weekend biking, woot!  We got a few (very windy) laps in at Trailside together Sunday and Dan, Sam, River and Ted spent a bunch of time at a new to them place called I Street, just above the Avenues here in SLC.
He tried this line three times before he linked up all three skills and it was awesome! He’s so brave…more brave than his own Mom 😉

River and Sam.  I just LOVE these two and feel so lucky and thankful that they found each other a few years ago now.  Ted and Dan get along so well and the boys have tons of fun not only biking and skiing, but just playing with each other.

It’s especially awesome to hear them cheer each other on and push each other.  This video and River…just love it.


Mom and Sam


A lovely dinner in Kamas with all the cousins.

Dan got in a good, longer-ish ride Sunday as well.


He rode from the house out to Draper,  up Jacobs Ladder and back down to the house.


Just practicing his golf swing while Ruby naps.



Soccer season has started!


A heaping pile of yumminess.  I don’t post food I make much anymore but this is just SO freaking good.  HERE’S THE RECIPE. (use 2T soy sauce not 1/4 C, FYI)  You should make it!  Spiralized and sauteed some sweet potatoes to go along with it.


My usual UFC Tuesday 6am crew!


And I taught my last Noon classes there last week.  It’s been great being able to take Sam all the time but he’s just getting too bored now.  Also, there’s some crude language used around the gym sometimes and I can’t have him repeating that all the time.  Plus, the music played during workouts isn’t what I would call super kid friendly either.  I’m doing what feels right as a Mom so I’m happy with it.  And, when school is out I don’t want to be inside at Noon, I want to be swimming and playing outside with him!  Still teaching there Tues/Thursday 6am and one spin at Vasa on Friday mornings.  There’s a new gym called THRYVE opening up soon where our old gym (Crossroads) was.  I interviewed there last week and will start teaching a spin/weight lifting class and a functional conditioning class  when they open, maybe early to mid May.  It’s all new inside, exciting people, challenging classes and I’m hopeful it will work out for a long time since it’s just so close to our house.

Have a great week!


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