Grandpa Mike visits


Another super fun visit with Grandpa Mike!  Sam’s day was made last Thursday when Grandpa showed up and Dad came home from being gone all week.


Pretty much the only time we go out for Sushi is when Grandpa and Grandma come to visit.  Thank you!



Even got to hang with these ladies Friday evening while Ali, Mark and Ruby were trying to leave the hospital after getting her port put in and got her first dose of Nivolumab.  So far, she’s feeling pretty good.  You can check Ali’s BLOG HERE for all the updates.  SO thankful for doctors, nurses and the hospital so close so they can be in the comfort of their own home during this time.


It wouldn’t be a a real trip out here without Mike helping out, even just a little.  He’s back there shoveling rocks.  Spruced up the yard a bit.

And now we have a rope swing! Thanks Dad for the good idea


Thanks for spoiling him with a trip to Target to get a new tractor 🙂

The boys came over here and there.  They LOVE Mike #whodoesn’t ?


Grilled at home two nights, went out last night to our fav place, Oh Mai.


Since Dan was out of town all week working, he took Friday off and played with Sam and Grandpa.  Thanks for letting me ski all afternoon with long time friend, Matt Davis.  Just love this guy.  Friends for a lifetime!


Sunday evening baseball with Jamon and Chelsea while we grilled…again.


The boys went scrambling up Little Cottonwood canyon for a bit, too!




And we all got in a lap in Draper.  All four of us riding together.  SO happy!

Thank you for coming to visit us Mike.  Can’t wait to see you this summer…at your house!


And just a few pics from last week.  The weather was just awesome and warm and SO nice.


Strider jumping in the mornings



Dan was able to get out and ride in CO when he was working.  Also got in a good ride in Moab on his way home.


The cutest!


Ali and Mark took a little staycation to Park City before Ruby’s surgery.  We got to go up and watch the girls while they escaped to a little dinner out.


Thankful for cousins and swimming and our lives and our loved ones.

Have a great week!


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