A happy Monday!


Let’s just start out with this super happy picture.  Love these goofs.  Go Ruby Go!


Speaking of Ruby, we’ve been spending lots of time with them.  Still not a solid, for sure yes they are going to California this Saturday but that’s the tentative plan.  She has a PET scan Wednesday to confirm everything and to see what the rest of her little body looks like.

If you’d like to keep up to date with everything that’s going on, the plan and all that make sure you follow Ali’s blog.  For now, they’re just living life and having fun day by day.

Thack Smack Ruby’s journey



Kept Ali company at Jane and Ruby’s appts last week.  Her chest xray showed she’s healed nicely from the biopsy, still lots of spots in her lungs.


Snowed last Monday.  70’s today and through this week.  Spring break for Sam!


Just really thankful and lucky I’m his Mom.  I LOVE this kid SO much!


Skate parkin’
He’s been shredding there lately!


Dual sport days in the spring time.  Skiing in the morning, biking in the afternoon.  Got out for my first ride up Corner Canyon in Draper.  One of my favorites…Clarks –>Jacobs Ladder.  Just so beautiful.


Dan and Sam skied Saturday and Sunday for closing weekend at Sundance.  I’m so glad they got such good use out of their season passes there, even with Dan’s broken bones in November/December.



While DanSam were at Sundance, I skied with the ladies at Alta.  Ruby’s first time skiing and first time up the chair lift!  Really glad Ali got her up there!


I mean seriously…how freakin’ adorable is she in her ski stuff?!


I skied with Jane most the time since she’s so fast now.  She’s doing SO great!

Here’s to a week of no school and a visit from Grandpa Mike later on in the week!  Lots of playing outside is for sure going to happen.  Hoping we know more about the plan for Ruby in the next couple days.  Please keep sending your love, support, prayers and anything you have their way.


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