Easter time and RUBY


Happy Easter! He was mostly excited about those silly ears I won at a workout over the weekend.


Good morning from these two.  We had a fairly mellow Easter.  Dan and Sam did some skiing at Sundance in the morning and then we all went out for a lap on Rush and some dirt jumps together…dual sport kinda day!  A yummy dinner to end this beautiful day.



Our super fun Easter Hunt workout at UFC.  SO happy to be working out next to you Ali.


Fetzer Family egg hunt at Uncle Wally’s.  Their backyard for the win!


Cousin ski day after Easter fun.  Emily and Sam.  They had SO much fun skiing together!


Thankful for all of these people.  And especially thankful that Grandma Carol rallied us all to go with her!

(Jane, Ali, Liz, Sam, Benjamin, Emily, Matt, Mom, Siri)


Hanging out with these four


Such good friends and buddies!


Another super fun egg hunt.  My lovely friend Julia hosts and every year it gets bigger and bigger.  5th annual Partain Egg Hunt!  Over 550 eggs to be found. So much fun!


So happy Ali brought all three girls.  Just having fun and enjoying the moment is huge right now.



Dan requested to see Ruby and give her a big huge hug.  He hadn’t seen her for 5-6 days.  This was about four days after her biopsy.  I hid myself in the kitchen as I was pretty teary eyed watching them.  She just held onto him so tight!

For those of you who haven’t seen Ali’s blog yet, here is the link.  She updates often…


The initial pathology results are what was suspected, Metastatic Melanoma.  It’s just…heavy, scary and hard to think about and actually typing it out seems surreal.  We have hope though.  I have faith and I’m staying positive, especially around the kids, Ali and Mark.  It’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows but we have to try to smile through these difficult times ahead.  They’re in the works now of figuring exactly where they’ll go, because they will go out of state for treatment.  Ali just updated their blog with some news that they may be able to go to Stanford…Stanford!  Where our brother in law Dave works and where Jenn lives!  The other option would be UCSF, 30 minutes from Jenn.  Either option is just comforting, knowing they’ll have some family going through all of this and not being in the comfort of their own home.

Also, if you feel so inclined to donate you can go here:

Rally Ruby

Or, there is a Charitable Fund that you may donate to which will help with all of their medical bills from the biopsy and everything that’s to come.  This fund will match 20% of everything donated (tax deductible)!

TKJ Charities Inc.
2413 Royal Lane
Sandy, Utah


Post nap snuggles


Hope you all have a wonderful week.  Don’t forget to hold the ones you love closely and to live in the moment, not  taking anything for granted!  And, say prayers for the Thackeray Family.  They need and appreciate it so very much.


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