Just so many emotions


These silly goofs.

Last week started out pretty normal in our routine.  School, working and workouts at the gym, playing, more playing.


He played pretty hard one day with Behr and Parks.  They took a break and he fell right asleep at 2pm.


Visited Naomi.


Games at family dinner.


My awesome UFC Noon crew.  They work SO hard!




And Ruby.  Oh Ruby.  Tuesday Ali took her in for a routine MRI (from the removal of her the mass on her neck last year).  An MRI, chest x-ray and CT scan later they found a bunch of unknown spots in her lungs.  Not the news Ali or any of us were expecting to hear.  They quickly took action to get her scheduled for a (pretty invasive) biopsy which happened last Thursday.  The surgery went well and they were able to come home late Friday night.  And now….now they wait.  We all wait in hope, love, positive thoughts and prayers as to what the next steps will be and exactly what the pathology comes back saying.  It’s definitely not been sunshine and rainbows all the time these last five days.  It’s been hard on Ali and Mark and we as a family are doing our best to support, help and uplift them.   Ruby is recovering well and for now, the plan is to wait and live life and play and play and play because…well, that’s all we can do!

If you want to keep following Rubys journey through whatever happens next, please follow Ali and Marks blog here:



Happy, Happy Birthday to Ali on Friday.  Two out of the last three years she’s spent her birthday in the hospital with Ruby, but I hope she felt how much everyone loves her and hopes she had a happy day!  Helped with the girls Thursday and Friday.  We had fun!


We’ve had some warmer weather the past three days.  So nice out!  A storm coming this week though.

Oh, and I got out on my first real ride of the year with friends Re and Carly.  Rode up in Heber.  Found a bunch of mud, turned around and went south and found super fun, dry trails.



And these two.  River and Sam.  They are quite the biking and skiing duo these days and are becoming such good friends.  Dan, Sam, River and Ted went on a boys trip  down to Hurricane for some riding and camping over the weekend.


They got down there just as the sun was  down.  Set up camp and went for a night ride.  They camped near Virgin.




They rode the Jem trail Saturday before lunch and some hanging around camp.







The boys.




LOVE this picture.  Living the life!



Deadringer trail before they had to head home.



They played and played and played in the creek.  Dan said they could have stayed there forever!  So thankful for these friends and how awesome their friendship is and is growing to be.  Just such good buddies out there.  And thank you Dan for taking him all weekend and showing him the outdoors and all things biking!

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