Fruita, CO

A quick last minute trip to Fruita Sat/ Sunday since the hotel was so cheap 🙂


On our way.  Just a quick 4ish hour drive and we were there.


A little lunch before we head to the trails.


This is 18 road.  Most all of the trails are super kid friendly and if you want to ride as a family of three, all you have to do is tow your kid up the dirt road.  Definitely feeling his 40lb body and bike, but it’s a great workout if I’m being totally honest.


First run was down Kessel, with a short but steep hill to get out.  Thanks Dan for towing him up those really steep spots.

The weather was just awesome Saturday.  70 and sunny til late afternoon.

He was shredding!


Snack break


Sure do love this man.


So much happiness right here.


He was done after 2.5 hours so we headed back to town.  There are some awesome houses/farms with LOTS of junk.  This was right off the road.


He thought it was amazing…and it was!  There were a few piles of random bikes near it and a fence made of every old bicycle you could find, lining their long driveway.


And yet another bicycle, this one in town.


And of course a dinosaur on a bike. Because, why not?


Some piano playing


And of course this guy right as you pull off the freeway.


Without fail, anytime we stay in a hotel he wants to jump on and off the bed onto his mattress or ALL the pillows.  Over and over and over.  He was tuckered right out Saturday night!


We knew Sunday’s weather was going to be iffy.  Hungout for a while then got onto the trails around 10, hoping to get in a lap or two before heading home.


Thick clouds, windy and MUCH cooler.  We put on our layers and made it two laps!

Every lap he got more and more confident.  I tell you what…there’s just nothing like seeing your own child love the things you also love.  He takes his time and decides his limits and how long he wants to be out…as long as he’s having fun, that’s what it’s all about.



Til next time, Fruita!



A few pics from earlier last week…The city finally fixed the road where the big water main break was.  This.  This is heaven for these best friends.


And the weather last week was just awesome.  High 60’s everyday.  Right now?  Not so much.  It started lighting and thundering and hailing right when we got home from Fruita.  Much colder to start our week.


Lots of biking at one of our favorite parks with Ruby…who turned THREE last week!


When the weather turns nice…you’ll find these boys playing in each others yards or riding bikes or anything til after dark.


Subbed a Friday night UFC class.  I’ve never taught at 6:45 on a Friday night.  So glad these guys showed up to do WORK!
And just one more video. Dan and Sam spent time at the dirt jumps a few times while I taught. Just perfect weather and dirt!


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