If it’s not going to snow and be winter, then we might as well enjoy 60 degrees and sunshine all week long… again this week, too!


Took a short hike to this awesome bridge on the Shoreline trail in Draper.  He complained the entire 20 minutes about the hike until we actually got there and he saw how cool it was.  100% happy after that 😉




My Tuesday 6am crew.  LOVE them!


Some recent sentence writing from school.  Pretty much everytime he writes he ends with those big exclamation points.  Every.time.  I asked him why and he told me that his friend Mia said to do it so he does it (and he LOVES Mia but won’t admit it) 🙂


Some ski time last week, just the two of us.



Beautiful, delicious and very fresh eggs from my friend.  Her chickens are laying like crazy right now since the temps have been warmer all week.  Thank you for the extras!


SO yellow and yummy!  This was Dan’s breakfast Sunday.  Delish.


And he took his first group ski lesson last Friday!  Thank you Grandma Jane and Grandpa Mike for the gift to him.  I had to bribe him 100 times over but afterwards I KNOW he had so much fun, even though he said, “It was kind of bad, but kind of good.”  He loved his instructor because she took he and the other friend up Sugarloaf, a new lift he hasn’t been on yet at Alta.  He did SO great.  I also got to see some old friends I used to teach with there back in the day.  Happy day indeed!


And the best part?  It was ice cream friday for all the kids that skied!  Oh, except Jane didn’t ski, she just got to hangout with us after his lesson AND get ice cream.  Love these cousins so much.

Just a quick video of their Sundance ski adventures from the weekend.  (don’t mind the talking in the beginning, it’s not Dan but some other random guy

And on a bit of a somber note, we attended Sedra’s viewing and funeral over the weekend.  I don’t want to dwell on how incredibly sad, heartbreaking and hard it was so I won’t.  The viewing was hard…really hard but the funeral was a celebration of her life and what an amazing woman she really was.  She was just one of a kind for sure.  Her parents and sister spoke and it was inspiring, tender, sad and happy all at once.  Ed, her husband also spoke and it was impossible not to cry during those moments.  Carter and Lincoln have a Dad and extended familythat loves them SO much.  I’m inspired by how strong they are and how comforting they made US feel as we came to see them.  Such a strong family.


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