Loss of a dear friend


Thursday morning I awoke to a text message and my phone ringing over and over.  It was my cousin Kate.  Why would she be calling me at 7 in the morning?  I quickly check my text messages that were sent at 5am and read one line…”I have some tragic news.  Sedra died last night in California.” ( Kate is Sedra’s sister in law, she is married to Sedra’s brother Colin).  What??  Am I reading this right?  I immediately called her back and one of the worst, most devastating things you hate to imagine and think about was true.

My beautiful and dear friend Sedra Davidson passed away unexpectedly from Septic Pneumonia.  It took over her body fast and furious (with complications of her already compromised immune system because of her rheumatoid arthritis meds).  She was gone within 12 hours of being with her two boys, husband and her parents playing at Disneyland.  I could go into more detail but in my mind and knowing what I know, I’m pretty sure she knew her time here was going to be short.  Like, she just somehow felt and knew she wasn’t going to be around for a long time.  It’s just….heartbreaking and SO hard to think about.  She leaves behind her husband Ed and her two boys Carter (6) and Lincoln (3.5).  Her funeral this coming week will be amazingly difficult, but I know it will be a celebration of her life and what a strong woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend she was.  She IS just amazing.  (I’ll stop now before I cry again and again…)


Friends Julia and Sedra.  Sedra took some beautiful pictures this day. It was Naomi’s one month passing.  She was such a good photographer and quite honestly…was one of my closest friends besides my own family that I talked to in depth  about Naomi and her passing and life after that kind of loss.


She dedicated her entire life to raising her children as best she possibly could.  A role model for sure.  I will miss you my friend.  So much. Whew.  This is hard.


And just a few things from last week.


The snow is melting and the temps are a bit warmer.


Back to digging in their favorite place. 🙂


This moment right here.  I was just feeling SO thankful that I’m alive and able to be with and hold Sam whenever I want.  Gah, lots of tears this day.


Got to sub a night class at UFC.  Lots of amazing people here!


Them.  Always.  I love them the most, all the time.


Was going through a bunch of pictures over the weekend.  Found these gems from back in the day.  Those were the days I taught skiing and tried to ski every possible day I could.  It was the days of doing back flips, jumping off cliffs and just being up there with my friends as much as possible.  SO many good memories that brought me so much happiness and lots of smiles today.


A beautiful Sunday for dinner in Kamas.  It was a gorgeous day!


And uncle Matt wins for best toys brought to entertain the kids…especially Sam.  HUGE remote control monster trucks.  The view out off the back deck isn’t so bad either. 🙂


Here’s to a week full of remembering Sedra and celebrating the life she lived so fully.

2 thoughts on “Loss of a dear friend

  1. I’m so sorry about Sedra. She was one of my best friends on Instagram and was such a wonderful support to me. I’m really having a hard time wrapping my head around that she passed. Can you please email me? I need to know what happened. I really loved her, such a genuine, beautiful person.

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