Lots of LOVE


Hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day.   I was pretty stoked on Sam’s homemade cards.  This one he made especially for David (Asst GM), Kaili (Coach) and Ashton (GM) at UFC.


They LOVED it!  There may have been some donuts along with the card 🙂


Latest painting done at school.


Grandma Carol always gives the grandkids the best cards.


Another awesome event at UFC.  Valentines bring your “Swolemate” event.  Of course I brought Ali as my partner since Dan isn’t up to speed yet on this kind of working out 😉


The ladies of UFC Sandy.  They are my co-workers AND my friends!


Post swimming and hot tub hanging out at our favorite friends place up at Snowbird.  We love, love it when he’s in town!


The pool was warm but I preferred the hot tub 🙂


Had to escape the inversion/smog/grossness that is the valley right now.  If you never went up past the mouth of the canyons, you’d never know it was SUNNY and so WARM!  Picnic and some sledding in the Alta parking lot with the girls.


Snow skate for the win!


Any these are my ladies!  Loyal followers and friends from Crossroads to where we are now.  They diligently come to my Friday spin.  It’s just so much more fun and the energy is amazing every week.


Mom and Sam ski time at Alta one afternoon.  He is seriously giving me a run for my money (and the health of my knee) skiing all through the trees, bumps, jumps and steeper stuff.  My knee isn’t super fond of it, but my mind and heart LOVES it!




Goats Milk mint chip ice cream for Valentines Day.  Thank you Dan for knowing that I  LOVE anything mint chocolate (or PB and chocolate for that matter) and also knowing that I just really can’t eat dairy at all these days.  It was delish!


The two loves of my life.  It would be way less fun without them 😉


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