Happy Monday!


More snow for our Sunday!  He was LOVING it.



Another beautiful sunset one night last week.  I LOVE the view out our kitchen window.


Some silliness last week as well


I’m pretty sure he’s asked to take pictures everytime we sit down to read or do homework…trying to avoid it at all costs 😉  But really though, he’s so great about doing any small homework or reading he has to.


Taught an awesome class at night last week.  I don’t normally teach at night but I had to sub and it was such a great crew!  They all work SO hard.  This class was a mix of work on the TRX bands and boxing.  Also, it was first time teaching real boxing to a big group 🙂


This was part of a workout I made for one of my DUT classes last week as well.  One of our other coaches and now MMA fighter Kaili did her first Muay Thai fight on Saturday.  We were all there to cheer her on and support her.


There were over 45 of us there cheering insanely loud!  Her fight was three-three minute rounds.  Her opponent waived the flag/gave in after the first round.  Victory!  I’m not sure I’ll go to any other fights, as it’s just not my thing but I’m always up for supporting such an inspiring woman, close friend and co-worker.  She is amazing.



Another awesome Friday spin class.


And some skiing with Siri.   Got to take these two up while Ali and Jane stayed on the tows.  Jane had a breakthrough and just all of the sudden started stopping and just getting it finally (good job Ali!).  It was such a fun afternoon!  I tried to get video of these two but they were going so fast I didn’t feel comfortable having my phone out.  I need a GoPro camera…


Dan, Sam, River and Ted went to Sundance all day Saturday.  Ted got some video so I’ll post that whenever I get it.  SO happy these friends and cousins love to get out there as much as we do.  Makes these long winter months way more fun!


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