It’s Birthday week {SIX!}

IMG_7735It’s Birthday week over here!

He’s just as or even more excited for his Birthday than he was for Christmas to come.  For real.

IMG_7741Celebrated with some cousins on Saturday.  Small and not much planned, just how I like it 😉

IMG_7754IMG_7755Pizza party picnic

IMG_7756And some awesome games of Twister!  Siri and Alex were especially good at it!

Thank you family for making his weekend so fun and special.  We love you all!

And he finished off Saturday by going night skiing at Sundance with Ted and River.  Bike buddies are now ski buddies, too!

IMG_7764They skied for 3.5 hours, totally exhausted on the way home and right to bed from the car.  THAT was a good day.

IMG_7766He asked to go again yesterday.  SO glad Dan is healing well and able to take him and use their season passes.  Although I wish I could go with them everytime, we’re still having fun going to Alta together when we can during the week.

IMG_7765IMG_7729And just a couple pics from two of the classes I taught at UFC last week.  This was my 6am crew.  Always makes it more worth it to wake up so early when more people show up to work hard!   Also taught my first spin class at a new gym I’m going to.  Wasn’t the same as my love of spin at Crossroads, but at least a bunch of my ladies came and supported me and I got to meet a few new faces.  It’ll just take a bit to warm up to this new, much bigger gym.

IMG_7725I’m somewhere there in the middle.  I usually take one of the other trainers boxing classes so that I can keep learning and working on my striking technique.  Keeps me on my toes and I’m sore every single time so I know I’ve had a great workout.

We’re going to do a couple fun things the next few days and then I’ve left it up to Sam on what he wants to do after school on Wednesday for his Birthday.  Six year old parents and six year old boy growing bigger, stronger, smarter and more joyful everyday!



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