And a Happy New Year!

IMG_7707Happy New Year!

IMG_7682And a Happy Birthday to Jane, on New Year’s Eve!

IMG_7688Spent NYE with Ali, Jenn and kids.  Jenn stayed with us Wed-Saturday morning, which was the best!

IMG_7697Playin’ some games

IMG_7700And finished off with a few sparklers and popits.  The kids had SO much fun playing together so much last week.   We’re going through a bit of a grandma jane and jenn have left hangover.  Good thing school starts back again today 🙂


IMG_7681Thank you Dan for watching the kids while Jenn and Dave went out and Ali and I went to an even at UFC.  Pizza party!

IMG_7724Swimming per Jane’s bday request.

IMG_7686It somehow tuckered Sam right out.  2pm and sound asleep.

IMG_7672Sledding earlier last week

IMG_7673It was COLD…everyday

IMG_7674IMG_7675My siblings are the best.  I don’t even know what’s going on with my hands, but I LOVE this picture of us.

IMG_7670My awesome Noon crew at UFC one day last week as well.  They killed it.  SO.much.sweat.

IMG_7712And per Kate’s request, she HAD to go skiing this trip.  We knew it was going to be really cold, but the wind….oh man, the wind was brutal!

IMG_7723Still had a good run though.  Justin, Jenn and Kate made it two or three runs though!  And Dan is finally skiing with us!  Just really easy, but he’s out there which is big progress.

{Grandma Carol, Izac, Justin, Ali, Siri, Kate, Liz, Sam, Dan}

And he and Sam finally used their Sundance season passes yesterday.

 And just a few other random videos from the past several weeks.  The bike park before it snowed.

 IMG_77132015 was an awesome year for us, even with all the medical issues and surgeries we had going on.

From my Instagram the other day.  Sums up a lot of my feelings this past year and what I’m looking forward to in 2016 and beyond.

cb bike“Another awesome year lived in this life!  Admittedly, I spent a lot of last year worrying and somewhat obsessing about what my body does and doesn’t look like.  That was emotionally draining and pretty exhausting.  Coming into 2016 I’m excited to let that go, despite the pressure I feel sometimes working in the fitness/gym/nutrition world.   This year I’m going to stay active and fit, not eat too much and LIVE life.  Can’t wait!”

Hope you all had a wonderful and Happy New Year!


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