Christmas time 2015


All was cozy on Christmas Eve.  I can’t help but just love this time of year, especially this night in particular.  It’s just kind of magical.

IMG_7472Christmas Eve brought a 6am workout for me then some sledding with Behr and Parks and time with Marshall dog.

IMG_7481IMG_7462I’ve never ever willingly been up this early on Christmas Eve, but I knew it was the only time to get in a good sweat.  With Ali, too!


My Noon class workin’ hard Monday and Wednesday’s!

IMG_7470Sam LOVES Marshall.  So much.  Got to watch him Wednesday into Thursday night.


IMG_7494Picked up Grandma Jane Christmas Eve then right to dinner at Chanon Thai.  I’d never been out to dinner on this night but it was great!  No dishes or prepping or anything.  I like this tradition already 😉

IMG_7507Sam woke up at his usual time…7am

He was beyond excited to go check out what Santa brought.  I tried to stall for 15-20 mins so Dan and I could lay in bed just a bit longer.

IMG_7519Joy, happiness and excitement.  THE best.

IMG_7525IMG_7511IMG_7529IMG_7536The $7 basketball hoop was a big hit.

IMG_7539Off to Grandma Carols for the rest of the day.

IMG_7580Lots of sledding til it was just too cold.

IMG_7575IMG_7571So beautiful though

IMG_7557It was just Justins family and us, so pretty mellow and quiet.  They had to play some Mario on the DS for a bit.

IMG_7564Grandpa and Grandma with Enzo, Izac, Alex and Sam

IMG_7596They have THE best tree pretty much every year.  So, so lovely.  We had such a wonderful, relaxing day with everyone.

IMG_7597Lots of snuggling and movie watching Saturday and Sunday.  It’s seriously COLD outside!

IMG_7607A trip to Scheels to ride the ferris wheel and get Mom some new workout shoes.

IMG_7610Ahhhhh, reunited again!  Sam and Max.  I could tell they missed each other A LOT!  Sunday dinner with ALL of my siblings and the cousins since Jenn is here for another week.

IMG_7628Love these kids.  L to R…Ruby,  {Naomi}, Enzo, Jane, Max, Sam, Siri, Alex, Kate, Emily, Izac, Connor, Benjamin

IMG_7664They exchanged gifts with each other.  Love this tradition.

IMG_7632All of us (minus John who was working).  I’m so, so glad we all got to be with each other over the holidays.

Happy New Year this week!

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