Let it snow, Let it snow!

IMG_7356They said it would snow and boy did it!  Woke up to almost 10″ on the deck last Monday with another almost foot by Wednesday morning.  IMG_7358Sam was STOKED!

IMG_7362We barely made it to school.  The roads were deep with snow and a huge mess.  They should have called it a snow day, but they waited til Tuesday to cancel Kindergarten and have a late start for the other grades.  It was SLICK out that morning as I went to teach at UFC at 6am.  BRRRR!

IMG_7369Glad I made it on time.  Can’t blame anyone for not wanting to drive in the crazy weather though.  Normally I have  several folks in this class, but zero came that morning 😉

IMG_7366SO much playing in the snow with and without the boys.  One day he played out there for a good four hours, with only two hot chocolate breaks.


IMG_7403Thank you Kelly and Andy for the movie and gifts.  We’ve watched it at least 7 times already!

IMG_7387More playing and jumping off the railing over and over and over…

IMG_7390Cookie decorating at friend Leahs.  Ruby came along with us.

IMG_7401Water main break and sinkhole right at our driveway Wednesday evening.  Thankfully they fixed it within a few hours.  Lots of entertainment for Sam though.

IMG_7415Sunday reading…Where the Sidewalk Ends.  Thanks Kelly!

IMG_7417Dan’s work party at Market Street.  It’s too bad their food wasn’t good.  At least the company was great.

IMG_7418And Jenn and family arrived today.  Woohoooo!  She’s here for two weeks.  Lots of playing in store for the kids til school is back in session for the new year.  I have missed her SO, SO much!

And sadly, my gym has officially closed it’s doors.  I’ve been trying really hard to be positive about this change and I’m trying really hard to embrace it.  SO many friends I’ve made over the past 4-5 years on this journey to a better me.  I’m sad that I no longer have my two spin classes to teach, as I’ve finally built a fairly big following every week.  It’s just…sad.  I’m thankful that I’m still teaching classes at UFC and I’ve been offered a permanent Friday spin class slot at another local (bigger chain) gym starting January 8th.  I’m also hoping to get on a sub at the two places that have the same bikes that I was teaching on.  They are by far THE best indoor spin bikes in the Salt Lake Valley.  Checking out a few other gyms and starting to figure out a new normal workout routine at a new place.  It’ll take some time but I KNOW that change it good and that meeting new, like minded people at a gym is usually always a good thing.

It was a good run Crossroads Fitness.  Onto the next adventures in my fitness life!


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