Happy Happy!

IMG_7288We had a pretty amazing sunrise one morning last week.  No filter here.  Just straight up bright and beautiful.

IMG_7316Last week we did lots of Christmas-ing downtown and around here.  Gingerbread house!

IMG_7291Lights downtown

IMG_7293The three girls and Sam

IMG_7298IMG_7300LOVE this time of year.

IMG_7303My lunch hour crew at UFC.  These are my regulars who come every Mon/Wed and I’ll have a few more mixed in depending on the day.  They work SO hard!

IMG_7285Monday night is Sam and Mom night at UFC.  More kids class for him and boxing conditioning for me.  I’m so, so glad he’s liking it so much.

IMG_7336I coached at a Ladies Night Out we had Friday.  So many strong and beautiful women right here.  They come from all walks of life, so cool.

IMG_7339He got to see Santa again at Ali and Mark’s ward party.  He was amazed…again 😉

IMG_7314Rode his favorite train at the Mall near our house.  We were the only one’s on the train so the conductor took us for an extra long time.

IMG_7342Hello beautiful angel.  My favorites ornaments.  Every year.

IMG_7304Made it downtown for a little date just the two of us to the Grand America.  He raced through most the decorated windows to get to the ever famous Gingerbread House in the hotel.  This year, it’s a cabin.  He thought that was pretty sweet (Ha!).

IMG_7313His pose.  I don’t even know.

IMG_7355And made it out to the lights at the Draper park.  Kind of awesome it’s only 10 mins from our house.

IMG_7346IMG_7353IMG_7345It’s such a beautiful tree!

Supposed to get some snow the next few days.  We’ll see if it actually happens.  Last full week of school for Sam then it’s the long holiday break.  There’s a 99% chance I’ll be teaching my last spin class at Crossroads Fitness this week.  Sounds like it’ll be closing in a matter of days.  I am BEYOND sad(like, amazingly sad), mad and just frustrated with what’s been happening there with the owner since this past April.  I no longer have a slot to teach spin anywhere and my whole weightloss and fitness journey was at that gym.  But, I have high hopes to get on somewhere else in the next couple months.  I’ll just sub at various gyms in the meantime and keep teaching my four group training classes at UFC.

Oh, and Dan is recovering slowly but surely.  Feeling SO much better and has his two week post- op appointment this week for x-rays on the collar bone and scapula.  Thankful we had a great, healthy week!



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