Rest and Recover (with a side of croup)

IMG_7232Last week was a doozy, that’s for sure!  Found out Tuesday Dan fractured his scapula as well when he crashed…icing on the pain cake! 😉  Here he is smiling, because he knows some form of relief is coming.

IMG_7228Surgery was Wednesday morning.  Sam woke up about midnight with a horrid cough and breathing that was NOT pretty.  I knew exactly what it was since he had it back in May and also last Christmas.  Croup.  Might as well add another thing into the mix for our week.  When he gets croup, he gets it pretty bad.  Thankfully it wasn’t as bad this time as it was six months ago.  He missed two days of school and was back for Friday.

IMG_7235Later in the afternoon after surgery.  Feeling pretty good with the strong pain killer and anesthesia still in him.

IMG_7239Thank you family for thinking of Dan.  That arrangement was quite tasty!

IMG_7220We snuck in our first ski day of the season Tuesday afternoon (before he got sick).  He did awesome!

IMG_7218Another kids class at UFC for him and adult workout for me.  LOVE that we can both be there at the same time!

IMG_7237Thursday rolled around and Dan was in a world of hurt.  It seemed even worse than before when his bone was broken.  He was really feeling his scapula now and the that incision/bone/plate combo really does hurt for a few days after it’s fixed.  Also, he only got about one hour of sleep for six nights in a row.  He was basically a walking zombie by this point.

IMG_7264Thankfully he did get a few more hours Thursday night and through the weekend.  He’ll be sleeping in our awesome LaFuma camp chair for another week or so I think.  It’s the most comfortable place to sleep at this point.

IMG_7242Sam got creative while he was home from school and inside for two days.  He told me he couldn’t help me because he was too busy, “working a lot at my desk.”  🙂

IMG_7280Last night.  He was up eating at the table with us for dinner and helping Sam with a bunch of school stuff.  Progress, people!

IMG_7263Thankful I’ve been able to still make it to teach some of my classes and get my workouts in.  It kept me sane last week! IMG_7258Annual baking night with my sisters and Mom.  We missed you so much Jenn.  Goodies coming your way!

IMG_7250My mom’s old school mixer that will probably never die.

IMG_7246Ali and I make dipped pretzels, Sheri makes some (amazing) peppermint bark, Kerrah made the fudge this year and we all make the swedish spritz cookies and wassil up at my Mom’s.  Love you ladies!

IMG_7256IMG_7258Liz, Ali, Kerrah, Mom, Sheri, Emily.

IMG_7270And another one of our favorite things during December.  Our friends host an annual kids Christmas party every year.  Lots of kids, good food, good company and this year for the first time…Santa came!  Sam was amazed, like…times a million!

IMG_7278Left Dan alone to get some sleep yesterday afternoon while we skied.  We NEED snow so bad.  The trees and bumps we usually ski have rocks everywhere.  Let’s hope for snow soon.

IMG_7279Of course we have to hangout at Goldminer’s after.  So lovely up there.

Here’s to a better, healthier week ahead!


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