Christmas Trees and Broken Bones


Was a wonderful Thanksgiving day with these two and my family in Kamas.  Lots of hanging out, eating yummy food, playing with cousins and chatting with my siblings. (Missed you Jenn!)


Thanksgiving 2010…So tiny!


Truck rides and silliness 😉


Sheri, Ali, Mark, Carol, John, Kerrah, Justin & Dan

IMG_7168Hi Ruby!


It was COLD!


He’s been driving that red truck around since it started snowing a bit last week.  Got more snow the last two days.


So much delicious dessert.  Dan made those dark chocolate truffles.  SO good!

IMG_7171And then Friday came.  Dan went to Draper to ride his BMX bike for a bit.  He crashed pretty hard (not while even jumping) and broke his collar bone pretty bad.  Not as bad as mine back in 2011, but pretty darn close. It is SO, SOOOOO painful.  I’ve broken both of mine and I always tell people it’s worse than my knee surgery, and even worse than giving birth naturally…FOR REAL!  There’s just no way to be comfortable and it just pulls on the neck so badly.  We were at InstaCare for a while then the ER in hopes he might be able to get surgery that day.  No-go on that so we’re hoping that after we see an Orthopedic today we’ll have surgery set for Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

IMG_7207This is where you can find him.  We had an big old LaFuma camp chair and it’s perfect to recline back a little (you DO NOT want to lay flat ever while it’s broken) with his sling under his sweatshirt.  The painkillers don’t take away the pain, they just keep him a little more mellow.  No at home medicine can mask this pain, ugh.  He’s been a trooper though, especially while Sam is running around, but being very careful around him and always checking in on him.  It’s the sweetest actually.

IMG_7175Uhhhh, yeah…it’s broken bad.

IMG_7176Thank you Ali and Mark for having Sam almost the entire day so I could be with Dan.

IMG_7180Since Dan won’t be able to help get a tree in the house this month, I recruited Ali and family to help.  Dinner and two tree lots later we found one!


IMG_7192Rick’s tree lot on the corner.  I love that it’s so small.

IMG_7193IMG_7204He quickly put on his santa hat and decorated like crazy.  He wanted every single decoration on there but then decided that was too much 😉  I just LOVE this age.  He is so into it and so serious about all things Christmas.  I want these traditions to last forever.

IMG_7211Lots of playing in the snow yesterday and today to finish off the holiday weekend.

IMG_7215And he wanted to make Christmas cookies so instead of saying no, I said YES!

Here’s to hoping Dan gets surgery ASAP so he can get some pain relief, sleep and start to heal and go back to work.

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