This week of Thanksgiving


I still can’t remember where I saw this, but I just love it.  What better way to look at your daily and weekly life and annoyances than this.  SO thankful I have so much in my life.


Christmas somehow snuck in a bit earlier last week.  He begged 10 times a day to start decorating.  Since I’m trying to practice saying more, “yes” in my daily life instead of No to so many things he says or does, I think it’s totally fine 🙂


And then more came out over the weekend.  I’m happy about it!


We had Behr, Parks and Trek over for a while Saturday.  These boys know how to play, play, play!


(Trek, Parks, Sam, Behr)


Got to have this little lady with us for a while.  I’m such a pushover for her.  For real.


Lately he’s been drawing reindeer and naming them.  I especially love the many antlers on each one.


A little baking in his 5T footie PJ’s.  He hasn’t worn those kind of pajamas in almost two years.  His friend Charlie had some on at pajama day the other day.  Found these for $6.50.  Win!

IMG_7095 IMG_7096Dan got out on a ride yesterday.  He didn’t see one other person out there.  That’s Timp right above him.


And he’s ready to for the ski season to start!  The poles are too long but everything else is good.  We do a season long rental each year since he grows so fast.  One of the best things ski shops have set up for families with small, growing children!  Dan and Sam got passes to Sundance since it was pretty cheap and Sam and I have little cards to ski after three at Alta.  Hoping to go this week!

I hope you all have a wonderful family-filled, relaxing, fun, delicious and thankful day on Thursday.


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