A bit of snow and things

IMG_7017 Snowy start to last week!  He was SO excited there was actual snow sticking to the ground.


And a bit more by the afternoon.


His “dealership” he made with friend Leah.  Stuff like this makes me question where and when did we get so.many.cars and other little random toys. Too many.


He’s been having fun coming to UFC with me.  Things are pretty slow there during the times I teach, so I never know if anyone will show up or not.  I’m going to give it another couple weeks to feel it out better so I can decide if I want to stay coaching there or not.  Things are picking up at Crossroads, which is ideally where I’d still like to do all of my working out and part time work, as I have really good good things going on there.  We’ll see what the next month or so brings.  UFC offers kids boxing/skills classes he can go to for free, so I’d like him to try it out at least!


Rope slams on the BOSU.  He was actually really good at this!  Better than some adults I train 😉


Happy Birthday to Jenn and Justin last week.  Both on the 11th.  Missed you, sister!


He was finally brave enough to go on the huge ferris wheel at Scheels.  $1.50 for both of us was totally worth it!


Seasoned beef and masa meat pockets for the win!  Probably make them smaller next time, but these were delish.


Watched the ladies over the weekend.  They watched the entire 101 Dalmatians movie.  Seems so old school now.  Siri and Jane especially loved it.


A windy and cold Sunday afternoon in Kamas.  They love it when Grandma lets them feed the horses carrots out of their hands.



I don’t even know what’s going on with his pink ears….


And a little flashback to 13 years ago.  I used to ski with my siblings on Christmas Eve every year possible.  Pre-lots of kids and stuff, it was easier to make that happen.  Side note- I was about 60lbs heavier there BUT, I could ski all.day.long and not be sore or tired the next day.  22 years old is NOT 35 years old with a bad knee 😉  Still so glad I’ve made positive changes in my mind and body over the years.  I sometimes can’t believe I used to not only look like that but be able to ski as well as I did carrying that weight around.  The body is amazing when you’re young I guess!

Oh, and Dan is doing SO much better.  Back to normal, all is well.  Sam asks 10 times a day when we can put up lights and decorations.  I’m trying REALLY hard to hold out until this coming weekend 😉


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