ER visits and some St. George fun


Back from our annual girls trip to St. George!  What a wonderful, relaxing, beautiful and fun three days.  We look forward to this every single year.  We really missed having you there, Jenn 🙂  Here we are on our way up to the Emerald Pools in Zion.


The weather was amazing.  Pretty chilly in the shade this day but so nice in the sun.



Late lunch on the Zion Lodge grass.



It’s just so pretty!



Several games of Hot Dice and Dominos


Ali made pumpkin pie for breakfast.  Seemed like the right thing to do. 😉


A few yummy meals out


And meals in



We rode over to Snow Canyon from the house, followed by a sweaty workout with Ali in the backyard.


Don’t be jealous of the awesome tandem bike.  It was so great for my Mom!

So thankful Ali’s in-laws let us go down for this every November.  It’s just the best.


Someone thinks it’s Christmas already.  I have to keep reminding him we still need to celebrate Thanksgiving around here.


I had to be at the gym for 45 mins one night last week.  He fell asleep within five minutes of being there (at 5pm)  Normally the time change doesn’t really affect him, this past week it definitely has.

IMG_69392015 school pictures.  Gah, he’s just so handsome.


Thank you Ali and Emily for taking the kids to all the awesome Museums, Planetarium and Lion House for lunch last week.  Sam had a blast!


Thankful Dan is healthy….


because THAT was absolutely miserable and awful and terrible.  Dan left on a work trip in CA last Monday, only to get to Reno because he as SO sick.  He and his coworker went right to the ER.  Turns out he had a salivary gland blockage and an infection to boot!  Fever, chills, throwing up and a jaw and neck that felt insanely awful.  One of his texts to me was, “it’s impossible to swallow and eat.”  Ugh, times a million.  They thought he may have strep or something throat related because he was saying his throat hurt but that was definitely not it.  He ended up back in the ER a few hours after the first trip then again the next morning before he was OK to drive the 7-8 hours home.  SO thankful his coworker Maggi was with him the entire time.  From what I hear, it was not pretty ;(


They got home later on Tuesday night and by Wednesday it was going down a little.  He still felt terrible.  He hadn’t slept in a few days.


By Thursday morning, it looks so much better.  Still not comfortable but better.  He used warm compression, drank lemon/lime water and sucked on sour candy to help produce lots of saliva to bust the blockage.  Seemed to work, slowly but surely.  SO random.


LOTS of sleeping Wed/Thursday.  I am beyond glad, thankful, happy that he let me go on this girls trip.  If the roles were reversed I’m not sure I’d let him leave me. 😉


He went to an ENT and will get a little more insight into the details of this in two weeks when he has a follow up with him.  Back to real life, school, teaching classes, playing with Sam and living life!


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