Halloween with Grandpa Mike!

Started our Halloween weekend off with a surprise visit from Grandpa Mike!  He was on a his way back from biking in Sedona (lucky duck!)  I almost let the secret out a couple times though.  I’m so glad I didn’t because his reaction was just awesome.  He told me after, “Mom! Did you even know Grandpa was coming? How did you keep that a secret from me for all the days?!”  LOVE it.


I started my Halloween morning off right with a great workout at the new gym where I’ll be teaching four classes, UFC in Midvale!  I’m back with some of the crew I love most and the energy in there is just amazing. I had to modify a bunch of the workout but managed to work my legs even with that.  They are crazy sore today. 🙂


Shuttle these guys on Rush.  Sam only wanted to do one lap but Dan and Mike went up again and then climbed for a while and rode back home.  It’s the best when you’re in law’s are interested in the same outdoor stuff as you!


Off to trick or treat with Ali and family.


A shark, Captain America, witch and Ariel the Little Mermaid


They sprinted through a few neighborhoods and were tuckered out one hour in. It was great!  Sam went to bed right when we got home and even with the time change, stayed in bed til 7am with the time change (the time he’s allowed to come out 😉  He also gave me 30 pieces of his candy for 10 cents each.  He saved seven pieces and happily took the $3 we gave him in exchange.


A beauty of a sunrise one day last week.


Liz and Ruby time one day.


An awesome event we held at UFC Thursday night.  These guys killed the workout, I got to coach.


River’s birthday party at Wasatch Indoor Bike Park was a huge hit.  He rode some and snarfed down pizza and rootbeer with his little friend.


Halloween parade and party at school.  I’m so lucky and glad that I have and make time to be in his class each week.  I stayed the entire two hours of (short day) school on Friday to help with the class party.



They paraded into every classroom, the gym and then back to class.


Went and visited Grandma Carol, too!


Of course Behr and Parks had to come play with Grandpa.  They were over here bright and early at 8am yesterday morning.


Got out on a short bike ride while the boys were out hiking.


The colors are still hanging on just a bit! SO beautiful


They went up Tanner’s Gulch for a while.  I’m surprised he chose hiking over biking!




SO glad you came through on your way home.  Not only do Dan and I love to have you here, but it’s 200% times more fun for Sam, I’m sure.  Can’t wait until next time we see you!


And UFC…I’m still teaching two spin classes at Crossroads and have two personal training clients I’m working with and it’s where I’ll still do most of my working out.  David (my previous trainer and PT manager) convinced me to take on four classes at UFC 😉  I’ve been wantimg to get back with the crew I was with so much last fall and winter and a lot of them are there  now.  Sam can come with me anytime I teach and just hangout, so that was a major bonus to teaching there.  I’m doing one 6am, two Noon times and a 9am.  Let’s hope my first class today at Noon goes smoothly.  I feel a bit out of my comfort zone there but I know that learning new things and being with new people can only be a good thing!


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