Back in my saddle

IMG_6803Beautiful weather and awesome dirt for my first ride back on my bike!  Rode Friday and Saturday, just nice and easy. It felt so, so good.  My lungs weren’t burning nearly as much as I thought they would, with the lack of cardio I’ve been able to do the last two months.  I’m Nine weeks out from my scope this week.


So happy!


Shuttled these two yesterday.



Dan, Sam, River, Ted and crew rode a new trail up in Deer Valley.  It was definitely beyond Sam’s ability right now, but he came home smiling and just stoked to see River and Ted.  What a good sport.



Speaking of riding, Dan got home earlier last week from an eight day work trip.  He managed to get in a little side bike trip over the weekend he was there.  He stayed in Cortez and went east from there, staying in a little town called South Fork.


He had some amazing views.


He rode Middle Frisco, Cat Creek and Stone Canyon.



So happy he got out while he was away.


We went Gardner Village-ing with Jane one day last week.  Don’t worry, Captain America Spider Man was keeping us safe 😉



He’s ready for Halloween.


He walked with the girls to pick pumpkins at their neighbors. Thank you Ali’s neighbor!


And we had our annual friend Halloween party last week.  Each year the amount of people attending is bigger and the kids get bigger, too!


Lots of these kids have been friends since before they were ONE.


He almost scored a goal at his (second to last) game.  He was SO close!


Thanks Grandma Carol for coming to watch.


And some motivation for my Monday.  Haven’t done a comparison for a while.  I’m feeling really good these days, despite the limited stuff I can do in the gym and just in general with my knee. For me, I feel it’s 90% what I eat on a daily basis and the rest is how active I am.  I feel I will always struggle with food, but I have so much more knowledge of how and what to eat and how best I deal with my emotional eating.  Left was October 2012, left was this past Friday.  I’m most proud that I’ve worked so hard and have been maintaining this for a while now.  It’s 110% a life long lifestyle change!


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