Cabin time

IMG_6650The view from the deck at the Fetzer cabin.  The last few weeks before this were peak for colors but it was still so, so pretty up there!


Went up Friday through Saturday morning with these lovely ladies.  Sam was especially stoked to have a sleepover up in the loft with all of us.  He slept great!


Learning how to shoot the pellet gun Grandpa Mike gave Dan.


I did a bit too.  It was fun!


Went for a walk alone for a bit.  I love everything about these mountains, the cabin and being up there.


Movie before bed.  Four little cousins all snuggled up.


We ate lots of yummy “cabin popcorn,” and other good food and just hungout.


Oh, and we did a little Halloween treasure hunt for them in the morning.  Talk about excited!


‘Til next year!


BFF’s playing last week.


And my first Parent Teach Conference was last week.  It’s pretty short and sweet when they are in Kindergarten, so that was nice.  I volunteer once a week in his class so I get to see how he is and what it’s like.  Ms. Mulrain showed me how he tested right before school started and what the benchmarks are for this coming winter and spring.  He was 3-6 months ahead of all of those goals, which was pretty awesome to hear.  He is SO good in class and takes instruction so well and is so willing to help others.   Sometimes I can’t believe how good he is at school compared to at home…such is the story with a lot of kids though I think. Proud of him!


Quarry trail fun earlier in the week.  The temps and weather have been amazing. TOO warm for this time of year, but I guess we’ll take it.  I’d rather it be cooler with rain but hoping that’ll come soon… we NEED it.





And some biking to finish off the weekend.  They rode a fast lap on Rush yesterday.


And I rode alone today since Sam was throwing an epic tantrum.  It was pretty awesome. NOT!


Cannot wait to be cleared to ride uphill.  Can.not.wait!

I’m 7 weeks out from my scope.  My knee is coming along.  There are definitely things that are much better to do now and some things that are just hard still. Doing any kind of hard cardio working out (besides swimming) has been a no-go thus far. and to be 100% honest, it’s been getting me down.  It’s hard not to be able to get my heart pumping and get a really good sweat going but I know it’ll happen soon.  I know it!   Going to physical therapy again tomorrow and hoping for more good news to be able to do more in the gym on my legs and maybe, just maybe get some light cardio going.  I’m practicing patience like crazy and it’s hard, but it’s a must!


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