Happy Monday


A cloudy and rainy day visit to Naomi.  He chose the pumpkin just for her.  “I know she will like this one so much, it’s so small just like her!  Oh, but we probably shouldn’t buy a skeleton…she would NOT like that, Mom”  Man, I just love him and how sincere he is about her.


And speaking of small…a little flashback to October 2011, when he wasn’t quite two yet.  I remember he insisted on wearing that huge vest because it was blue.  Ummm, it was HUGE!  Adorable though 😉


And much bigger yesterday at the same pumpkin patch 3.5 years later.  He lapped those slides like crazy.



Still going strong in soccer.  Dan had to coach last week since Coach Jeremy was busy.  They did great!


Spending time with the ladies.  She LOVES to stare at the pictures in this cousin book and name every person.


Can’t help but admire Dan’s level of fitness…especially his balance and stability.  He was just messing around the other night while we were watching the girls.  He ended up getting a pretty solid workout in doing some running, sprinting and using the stability ball.  I WISH I could squat like that right now…even just on the hard floor 😉


And we got a new car.  Random, but our Subaru was a total lemon.  We put way too much money into that thing over the past eight months.  NO more rebuilds for us.  Sold the Forester on Friday, got this Nissan Rogue Saturday afternoon.  It’s a smooth ride and perfect for our little family and our outdoor adventure needs.  Stoked and lucky we were able to buy it.

And now to leave you with some amazing laughs for your week to come.  This video of him falling off the rocks was super sad in the moment, but five minutes later we were ALL laughing so hard.  I think we’ve watching it 30 times over, Sam probably more.  He was totally fine, mostly just scared him.  Oh man, every single time we watch it it’s funny.  Glad you’re OK buddy!

And some fun at the pumpkin patch.

 Have a GREAT week!


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