Thirty Five


Thank you to everyone who made turning 35 awesome this past week!


Sam and I spent Wednesday afternoon up at Snowbird, riding the tram and looking for all the fall colors!




And boy did we find some good ones.  These were just up the road at Alta.  Those colors were like fire that day.  SO pretty.


Breakfast with Ali and my Mom in the morning and dinner with Dan and Sam that night.  It was mellow, just the way I like it. 😉


Another soccer game!


A little frozen yogurt with these beauties.  Friends since Sophomore year in High School!


Sam’s first Fun Run in the books!  Thanks to all who donated.  We and his school REALLY appreciate it!


Thank you Ali for having Sam for a while Friday while we went out.  Those Thai iced teas were delish!


And the food was even better at Chanon Thai.


A little indoor swimming.  Almost no one else in there.


A “protein waffle”  Kodiak pancake mix,1 scoop protein powder, 1 egg and almond milk to texture.  They turned out pretty great!  A little dollop of coconut milk right from the fridge.  YUM.


And to end Birthday week, we had some folks over last night.  I LOVE all these people so much!  They are the ones that ALWAYS make it to little things like this that mean so much to us!

(Austin, Re, Kat, Andy, Us, Jamon, Chelsea…missing Ali and girls)

And of course there was biking over the weekend.  Dan and Sam spent most of Saturday at Trailside with Ted and River.  They were shredding!  Here he is just messing around just down from the jumps and trails….

My knee is SLOWLY coming a long. I foresee this taking 12-15 weeks (5 weeks out now) before I can do normal fitness/gym/spinning things again. I am having to practice some major patience right now. I know I’ll get through it, but it can be hard at times. I just need to do what my therapists say and make sure I listen to my knee. I CAN do this!


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