Biking and a Birthday


River, Sam, Ted and Dan did some laps on Rush the other night.  Shredtown in Draper with these Five year olds!  They have THE best time together.  He and Dan spent some time at the dirt jumps, then he and I got to ride a lap on Rush.  He ended up having a pretty epic fall, which lead to a flat tire.  He was SO mad about his tire, not his hard fall 😉


It poured rain here a couple days last week.  We NEEDED that!  These boys biked in the rain for a while one afternoon.


A size 2T costume is the perfect fit, right?!


A beautiful evening after heavy rain this day.


I’m now coaching a Bootcamp type class every Monday after I teach spin.  That’s a strong group of ladies right there!


He actually sits down and asks to get his “homework” done.  It’s a miracle!


Thank you Ali for taking him along to the park…which ended up having a fun party/fundraiser there with all the face paints.


Took a drive to the top of Gaurdmans Pass then into Park City last week.  I’ve wanted to get up higher to see some more colors since I can’t ride up there yet.  It was SO, SO beautiful!  THE most wonderful time of year for sure.  It’ll only get better the next few weeks.



And Wednesday I’ll celebrate my 35th!  My Mom reminded me yesterday that I was her easiest and fastest birth out of the five of us.  I know fore sure I wasn’t the easiest girl to raise, but I am SO glad she had me.  She’s an amazing woman, that’s for sure.

I’ve just about 4 weeks post surgery.  Feeling better every couple days but man, this recovery and rehab and going to be a long, slower process.  I just have to keep reminding myself it’ll get better and feel better over time.  Teaching spin (pedaling lightly of course) and doing what I can to stay active and fit without bothering it.  It’s hard and I get frustrated at times but I’m just thankful I can still workout.   Lots of biking and playing outside since the weather will be awesome this week!

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