Changing colors

IMG_6434Lots of colors changing around here.   And since I can’t pedal uphill for another couple weeks, I’ll happily ride behind this kid on some (downhill) shuttle laps in Draper.  For me, this IS the most wonderful time of year, especially for riding bikes!



Probably out last outdoor swim at our friends house.  We’ve had a great summer swimming there every other week.


Found him reading to himself.  It’s been a struggle to get him to read on his own over the summer ( just short books, 3-5 letter words), even though he can, so this was a welcomed sight.



Yummy dinner at Ali and Marks last Monday.  Labor day chili verde.  Delish!


Lucky to be coaching our gym members who are motivated enough to show up every Saturday at 8:15am. SO glad you’re back, Ali!


Shredding a few nights back with River.  Two best riding friends. I know Dan likes to hang with Rivers Dad Ted, so it’s just the best!


Special early Birthday date for Siri.  Yogurt and a trip to Target.  Her fav!  Happy 7th Birthday today Siri!


And this is where you’ll find me at some point everyday. I’ve been cycling for at least 35-45 minutes each day.   Still doing all of my at home exercises three times a day.  In therapy last week they let me start to squats and step ups- a few sets per day, which is encouraging for sure.  I’ve been trying to keep my hamstrings and glutes active without putting any pressure or hurt on this knee. Seems to be working so far.  I have to say though I miss getting a really good, hard and sweaty workout in.  I’m teaching spin, but go pretty darn light and just easy cycle the entire time I’m teaching.  It’s a big test of my will and patience to NOT go hard like the rest of them.  Another 3-4 weeks and I’ll be on the trails again on my bike.  Can’t wait!


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