Happy Monday {Labor Day Weekend}

Three day weekends are the best!


We actually got to lay in bed as long as we wanted yesterday (7:50am ;).  We’re normally out the door to school, gym and work so this was extra, extra nice.

It cooled way down today.  It just FEELS like fall!  It’ll be back up into the mid to high 80’s in the next couple days, but right now feels oh so nice.


Dan and Sam biked A LOT over the weekend and are out riding at Sundance with Ted and River all day today.  He was in a bit of a riding funk/didn’t want to/over it phase all last month so it’s nice that he’s back into now.  We don’t like to push it too much since we want him to have FUN!


Cleared to start lightly cycling again.  I’m up to 45 mins of easy spinning.  Turns out I DID have torn meniscus…minor detail, duh!  No wonder I was in so much pain for so long.  I saw the pictures from the scope and it wasn’t pretty in there 😦


I did get in a lap on Rush wit Sam.  Since I don’t really have to pedal much and it’s all downhill, my knee was totally fine.


Been doing my at home exercises faithfully since day one.  This one is by far the hardest and most uncomfortable.  I have to try and keep it straight (to get my extension back to normal) for 10 minutes at a time, three times a day.


Got to watch these beauties Thursday to Friday night last week.  I just love them so much!  We have a good time together, especially in the morning when we talk about random things that make us laugh really hard 😉



Slurpee run.  I also bought them pizza.  It was like Christmas over there, people!


Hi Ruby!  And those are her play glasses with no lenses.   Maybe someday I’ll go back to wearing glasses. Maybe.

And just a quick video of Sam at Trailside.  He’s finally clearing all the jumps on the jump line.  He has been improving a TON over the last few weeks.  It’s so awesome to watch.

I’m teaching a fun Labor Day spin class today, going very light of course. Can’t wait to start spinning like normal. I’m actually feeling really strong, so I need to make sure that I adhere to my physical therapists recommendations and rules 🙂 Have a great one!


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