Resting and Icing and 10 years!

Good Monday morning people!

IMG_5975Happy 10 years to us!  I’m 100% sure that every year  just gets better and better for us.  I’m SO, so glad I met him on that random day at Alta.   Here’s to much more awesomeness and happiness to come!

IMG_6317 IMG_6318 IMG_6322

First Day of Kindergarten for this kid.  He was SO excited and ready to go!  It’s especially awesome since he and Behr are in the same class this year.

He had a great first week of school!


Tuesday quickly came and it was surgery day for me.  Here I am, recovering and almost ready to go home.  The scope was quick and we were home by just after Noon.  Thank you to everyone who helped me last week with Sam.  We appreciate you so, so much!

Dr. West said I definitely had good reason for coming to see him so many times before deciding on the scope.  He also said I must have a very high tolerance for pain, considering what’s going on in there.  The trend for my knee will be downward and eventually to a knee replacement at some point when I’m older, that’s the bad news.  The good news is that he was able to suck all the crap out that was bothering me, trim it up nice and basically take a good look so that we have more answers as to why I’m in so much pain (besides the arthritis).  With good rehab, PT, lots of cycling,  time in the gym and being VERY smart about how I treat my knee from here on out I should make it a good while til we have to talk joint replacements.  I’m dedicated to making this as smooth as possible and to doing things that don’t bother or hurt it.


He was a good little helper inbetween school and playing with friends and camping all weekend with Dan 😉


Thank you friends for the beautiful flowers.  My knee the day after.  Not quite as swollen as I was expecting.  Still swollen, but going down a little each day.  It hurts a bit to straighten and it’s tight to bend, but that’s expected not even a week out.


Oh, and Sam had his first game in the mix of things last week, too!  Go purple Dragons!



Thank you Grandpa Mike for the awesome old photos of Dan.  Sam LOVES them!


Rest, Ice, IB, repeat.

Unfortunately I’ve been feeling pretty awful since Thursday morning, after taking a half of a Unisom to try and get some rest at night.  I had no idea I’d be allergic to what’s in that tiny little pill.  Back when I was 18 or 19 I had a REALLY bad reaction to a liquid gel nighttime cold type pill.  My whole face, throat and chest swelled to the point that I couldn’t breath well and I ended up in the ER for the night.  They gave me some fluids and Benadryl and I was sent home.  I remember the day after that when the swelling went down I developed some pretty awful canker type sores in my mouth, it was NOT comfortable.  So, even though this was a milder version of that episode, I’m left with so many sores in my mouth.  Going on day four of hardly being able to eat and talk it hurts so bad.  I did fall asleep after I took the pill, but two hours later I woke up to  swollen lips and a tight chest.  No ER visit thank goodness.

Back when I had that first reaction, we could never find the box to the capsule so we didn’t know exactly what I was allergic to.  Although this sucks REALLY bad, I’m glad it happened for two reasons…1-now I KNOW what I’m allergic to and 2-sitting and doing nothing and not wanting to eat is actually a good combo.  At least I’m not eating all.the.things! 😉

Hoping by today or tomorrow things will ease up and I’ll feel relief.  That reaction to totally wreaked havoc on my immune system so it’s taking a while to get out of the funk.  My knee feels awesome compared to my mouth!  Lots of protein smoothies and water for me.

I needed to get out of the house on day four so I made it to the gym for a little light upper body lifting and some stretching.  Nothing crazy or leg involved.  Did the same again today, sporting my awesome TED-hose on my leg.


Thankfully, Dan took Sam camping Friday-Sunday afternoon which meant I didn’t really have to talk to anyone, leaving my mouth to rest and not be in pain.  Probably the best camping trip to date, the backpacking trip with Grandpa Mike is a close second 🙂


Two nights in the Uintas, near Bald Mountain.  He seriously LOVED it so much.
Practicing his box jumps 😉




He slept great both nights and even asked to go to bed.




Provo River Falls




Looking towards Notch Mountain


I hear there were zero complaints about the hike to the top there.  That’s good for him since he’s been saying hiking is boring.  There was a lot of rock scrambling, so that’s why he loved it!



So glad they had such a good time.  Next time I’m going!

Have my post op tomorrow, so here’s to hoping I’ll be able to cycle here in the next week or two to get things moving!


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