Spent the weekend with this soft and fury dog.  Sam is slightly obsessed with Matt and Sheri’s dog, Marshall.  And by slightly, I mean a lot.  He just wanted to pet him, tell him what to do and just be by him all weekend.  It was kind of the cutest actually.



We got to watch Benj, Connor and Emily Saturday morning through last night.  They are super independent and just grown up so it’s pretty easy.  These three rode bikes to the pool for a bit Saturday.
Took Marshall out for a “run”

(wait for it…)


Our favorite Zip Line park!


Old school Nintendo.  Sam really had no idea what was going on since we don’t do video games here at this point.


Played at the lake for a bit Saturday night.  Ali and Siri joined us.


Came home from a walk today with Marshall and he was tuckered right out!  3:20pm.



Played at the skate park earlier in the week.


Burgers and pondering life? 😉


Hi Ruby!


New soccer kicks.  Of course the ones that fit him best and for a great deal are the brightest.


And today.  It’s a big day around here. Today he starts Kindergarten!  I’m so excited for how excited (and a little nervous) he is for this new adventure and chapter in his life.  I know he’ll be great!

And tomorrow.  Tomorrow is my knee scope,  so let’s hope for a smooth and quick recovery and hope all goes well.  I’m committed to resting, icing and staying down as long as I should (3-5 days) and also to get it moving and rehab it exactly how I should, if not better! Last spin class today for a couple weeks!


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