More summer time


LOTS of swimming going on over here.  Last week we got to go with some cousins to the neighborhood pool where my family grew up swimming….Evergreen Swim and Tennis Club!!  I had my first lifeguard job here.  We swam here every summer from the time we were born until our late teens.  SO, so many good memories at this place.  Thank you cousin Kate for inviting us!  Sam LOOOOOVED the board.


Kerrah (with Emily’s Caroline), Kate, Liz, Ali, Emily


IKEA for a bit with these ladies.  It’s a nice place to go when it’s so hot out.


Surprise visit to Dad’s work during the week.


First and probably last snow cone of the summer.  Took Rubes with us for extra fun 😉


Playing with his buddies…as usual.


Talking to Grandpa!


A sweaty and HOT Friday night on the Quarry.  I’m motivated to keep my knee moving despite the pain, plus I was craving a good sweat.  And I sweat….A LOT.  Seriously hot there at 5pm.


No sunburns here 😉


Mom and Sam time at the Farmer’s Market at Wheeler Farm.  It was pretty warm by 9:30am.  Cooling off with a slushy lemonade.


And this is pretty much all he wanted to do while we were there.  Picked up some tomatoes and yummy corn.



Dan was out riding while we played at the market and went swimming.

One thing I admire and love about Dan is the fact that he’s usually always up for an adventure, always.  The last time he rode Ben Lomond Peak (East side of the North end of Ogden) was several years ago, having not ridden at all the month leading to it.  He was suffering pretty bad on that ride and I know he’s wanted to go back and ride it again, feeling better.  Normally people would shuttle this, but no one could join in so he rode 14 miles of road to get to the trail and rode it as a loop.  He left the house at 5:30am yesterday 🙂





Natural spring to refill.




Found some Gooseberries to snack on.


It was most definitely a good one.  He came home SO happy and smiling pretty big.  I believe that everyone should find things they are passionate about and do them often.  We most definitely try around here.

And a quick lap on the Quarry last night.  Dan and Sam went with friends yesterday for a couple laps and he was up for another with me.  I don’t get to ride with him as often as Dan so I love when he wants to go with me.


Soccer practice starts this week, go Team Purple!  Also, one more week til knee scope time AND the first day of Kindergarten.  Soaking up our last week of summer break!


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