Family time


Lots of family time last week since Jenn and kids were here.  Cousin swim day for the win! (minus Benjamin)

Sam decided it was a good day to try the high dive. W00t!  He went off over and over and over til we left.  He then went back with Dan that night and went of a bunch more.



Thankful Jenn likes to spin and sweat as much as I do.  I LOVED having here in my class!


Delicious eats for a little girls night out with sisters and Mom at Layla Mediterranean Grill in Holladay.  So yummy.



And some cabin time!  Spent all Thursday into Friday afternoon up there.  Sam was SO excited to have a cousin sleepover.  So excited he wouldn’t go to sleep up there with all of them.  We ended up in the bedroom downstairs, where he was SO mad at me for bringing him down there.  He finally crashed hard at 10:40pm. Whew!  In the morning he said, “I’m sorry I wasn’t good at the sleepover up there.  Maybe next year when I’m six it will be better.”   Let’s hope so buddy!


Dogs and mallows over the fire.


I stayed and rested my knee while Ali, Jenn and kids hiked to the meadow.  One of our favorite places!  They all did great.


Took Ruby out for a little walk after she woke up.  She was all smiles and silliness!


But then….


An hour or so later she had a fever that came on like a furry.  Man, that was a quick turnaround.  Poor thing.  Ali took her down to my Mom’s to sleep for the night, hoping she’d feel better enough to come back up in the morning.  Thankful that day that my Mom and John live just 25 mins or so from the cabin.


Movie night!


Woke to grey and rainy skies, so hot cocoa it was 😉

Ruby was feeling better so they came back up with Grandma.


Love our time there and thankful to Grandpa John and Grandma Naomi for building this place long ago.  SO many good and happy memories here!


Got home and knew he’d be tuckered from lack of sleep and so much playing.  Out at 5pm.


Happy 8th to Alex.  It was a special day for him and all of us got to be there.  It was a party!


And despite my knee feeling awful most the time, I can still pedal without lots of pain, thank goodness!  3,000 feet of climbing and lots of sweat for me yesterday.  It was a beautiful day to be out!


Shuttled these two afterwards.  He shredded it.

Spent more time with family in Kamas yesterday before Jenn leaves today.  I’ll miss you, sister!  Can’t wait for Christmas time when we see you next.

Oh, and this is mostly for family that reads this… My knee scope is now August 25th (three weeks earlier than originally planned).  The day after Sam starts Kindergarten 😉  I’ll have lots of help between family and generous friends.  Thank you all in advance for helping us out during that time.

Have a great week!


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