Happy Monday

We had a beautiful day celebrating Naomi on Friday.


Our usual hike to Cecret Lake.  I love this tradition.  This year with Ali and girls.



SO beautiful.


Hi Ruby!



Quick stop at the playground at Snowbird then down to watch Justin and Kerrah’s boys for the afternoon.  Sam was in heaven with all those boy cousins.


Izac is almost as tall as me.  Growin’ up!


Off to Oh Mai for a little dinner before we all met at Naomi’s.


I just LOVE this picture.  He really knows he is a big brother to Naomi.  Makes my heart so happy.


Mom, Liz & Ali


I hope we can do this every single year for her Birthday.  Thank you to all of our cousins who made it this time.

Izac, Alex, Enzo, Jane, Sam, Siri, Ruby


Our family.


Thank you Grandma Jane and Aunt Kelly for the most beautiful flowers.  They were there when we got there 🙂


And thank you Ali for the flowers and balloons.  I hope that everyone in our life knows how much the messages, kind words and thoughts mean to us.  It’s SO, so good to know that people think of her as much as we do.  Was such a good, happy and peaceful day.


Saturday came and Dan was out for a long ride with a friend from Cali.  We had to play outside cause the weather has been awesomely NOT hot!


I was able to get in a ride yesterday, thank goodness.  Haven’t been on my bike in three weeks and I tell you what…I was in THE best mood today!  It is seriously one of my happiest places.  It’s amazing what doing the things you love does for your mind and body.  Got a cortisone injection last Wednesday.  It’s easing the pain a bit, but definitely not all the way.  I can go down the stairs without pain and I can pedal pretty normal, thank goodness.  Our anniversary trip to Crested Butte is coming up, and we plan to bike A LOT.   I have a scope scheduled for Sept. 10th.


Always a good time riding with old and new friends.  Lovely ladies right here.


Watched these silly ladies for a bit last week.  It rained pretty good a few days, so the temps have been super awesome.


Quick trip to the dentist for this kid.


Turns out we need to be more thorough in our brushing.  Two cavities filled later and a promise to brush twice a day for 2 minutes and he was good.  He was being quite hilarious when he had the bubble gum gas on.  I was cracking up!

Another week of playing outside, some clients and teaching spin at the gym and patiently awaiting Grandpa Mike’s arrival next weekend.  Can’t wait!


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