Happy Fourth of July!





So thankful for our freedom!

Had a really great weekend hanging out and celebrating, mostly with family.


Went to the Granite parade again, just up the hill from us. I love that it’s pretty small with lots of old cars, trucks, tractors and just the people of this area.  He got a hat full of treats AND got to sit next to Behr and Parks, so he was extra stoked!



Tried a delicious new place for lunch on Saturday.  Taqueria 27 in Holladay.  Both our tacos were super good!


Some swimming mixed into the day.  I swam lots of laps and went off the high dive several times.  He thought I was the coolest Mom!


Played with Teddy for a while, too.  They skied together once back in the winter when he was visiting our friends Andy and Kat.  Crazy to think Teddy is six and Sam is five…they are SO different in size.


Had a super fun BBQ at Ali’s neighbors with another family.  LOTS of kids running around, having so much fun.



Stayed out past 10pm.  Whew, it was a late night for all of us, but he really did have the best time ever.  I was so happy to see him so happy!  And, he actually slept in until 8am this morning.  Kind of a miracle!


Dan had Friday off, so a long bike ride it was for him.  He and Jamon stared out in Park City around 6am.  They parted ways at Katherine’s pass.  Jamon kept going towards Timpanogos for a longer training ride.  Dan came down Katherine’s pass to the Albion campground in Alta, up to Sugarloaf pass to Baldy then down the Big Mountain trail at Snowbird….where, we were able to see him for a minute since we were up there playing with Ali and girls.



He rode the rest of the way down the Canyon, mostly on the trails down to Alta Canyon to swim with us.  6,000 vert and 37 miles.  Whew!



Taught another Group Training Friday morning while Dan was out riding.  Sam LOVES to come in the gym and help setup and play on everything.  I love that he gets to see what I do.  I love sharing this part of my life with him!


Had to stop by the girls bake sale earlier in the week 😉


More playing with his BFF’s.


An amazing huge Gauntlet class I helped coached Saturday morning.  Anyone was welcome.  24 people showed up.  It was chaotic, but SO fun to see them all sweat! (and that was a LOOOONG plank they had to hold!)


Bike park and burgers one night.


And this is where you would have found me lots of days and nights last week.  My knee has been hurting pretty bad for eight days now.  I’m pretty sure my two steroid shots have worn off and I somehow tweaked it last Friday.  Ugh. I can’t even bike and spin without pain, that’s how I know its  bad.  Have an appt Wednesday to get another steroid shot and we’ll schedule a scope then.  I need to be able to make it through our 10 year anniversary bike trip to Crested Butte, so I’m hoping I’ll feel some good relief after this appt.  I’ve got some bad Osteoarthritis amongst who knows what else is going on in there.  Need to get it cleaned out and in general my doc needs to have a good look in there to see if there’s anything else going on.  The only thing that doesn’t hurt right now is walking/hiking uphill and swimming.  I’ve still been able to lift weights on my upper body, but the part I miss most is being able to ride my bike.  It’s just a bump in the road I know, but it’s NOT fun.


While Dan and Sam went and rode bikes, I decided to hike up to the top of Snowbird.  Not painful to hike uphill and I can take the Tram down so it worked out perfectly.  1 hour and 20 mins later I was at the top!


It is SO beautiful up in the mountains right now.


And this week we’ll be celebrating our sister, our daughter and beautiful angel.  Had a quick visit to Naomi this weekend, but we’ll gather with my family on Friday.  I always have so many emotions going into this week.  It’s so hard sometimes, but I want it to be happy and celebrating how far we’ve come through this grieving process and what a positive way we’ve lead our lives from such a huge loss.  I am most definitely going to cry, already have but the blessings and happiness that have come from this are pretty amazing. I know that if I can come this far and get through that I can get through and handle just about anything.  This week we will celebrate her!


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