Happy Monday!


Happy Monday people!


Lots of homemade popsicles around here lately.  And by homemade, I mean some yummy juice we got from the store.  I’ll get more creative soon I’m sure 😉


Beautiful ride one morning last week.  Thanks Ali for having Sam while I get some alone time on the trail.


Took Behr swimming with us last week too!


And more swimming with friends.  We’re lucky to have two great friends who have pools right at their homes.  It really is the best and I love that we still try to get together once a week.


The more we’re in the deeper water, the more he swims without arm wings.  He’s been doing awesome lately!



Dan got in a nice long ride Saturday. I got out yesterday.  It was so pretty!


 First long ride in Park City.  My legs are toast! 18 miles, 3,000 feet up and down.  And, a new Mom friends who loves bikes just as much as I do.  THE best.



Ran into snow about 5 minutes from where we top out on the Crest.  Pushed through it and were fine.


Heeyyyy!  One of the best views in the Wasatch.


Dan makes some mean “circle fries,” as Sam calls them.  Super thin/shallow fry in EVOO, garlic salt.  SO, so good after two hard workouts this weekend.

This kid.  I don’t even know….

Lots of swimming, playing, some work at the gym and being with family and friends this week!


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