It’s summer

Hasn’t been super hot yet, but school is out for everyone and we’ve been at the pool a few times already!


I’m sure there will be lots of days that look like this with Ali and girls



Lots of playing with Behr and Parks…of course 😉



Had his last swim lesson last week. He did SO great!  I know without a doubt that if he were in a situation where it was too deep or he fell in, he would be able to survive by turning right onto his back to float.  Just that was worth these lessons.  Hoping he’ll be swimming more confidently on his own by the end of the summer.


Dan was in CO all last week for work.  We don’t like being away from each other, but at least he eats well by himself there in Telluride.


Alseep at 7:25 the other night.  Summer means lots and lots of playing.  SO tuckered out!


Awesome ride yesterday on Flying Dog with Re.  LOVE that I have lady friends to go out and pedal with.


It’s amazingly pretty right now up high.  SO, so green and the trails are perfectly tacky!


See ya!


And Saturday.  Saturday we were all on bikes for over six hours.  I went and rode with Re while Dan and Sam went out to the grand opening of the Draper dirt jumps.  His best bike friend River was there and they were shredding!  They played and played the entire time.


I shuttled Ted, Rive, Dan and Sam up so they could ride Rush.  Sam had already ridden a lot by this point.  He ended up crashing three times pretty hard and was just tired…and dehydrated…and tired 🙂


He fell sleep within 2-3 minutes of leaving.  He didn’t even know I ran through In n Out until we got home.  He ate three burgers, huge fries and a root beer.  And, asked for more food an hour later.  The kid burns a ton of calories!


And yesterday while Dan was out on a long ride he and I did the jumps together.  I’m usually working at they gym while Dan and Sam go out together so it was super fun to be there with him alone.  He was giving me tips and advice on how to air over the jumps.  He definitely goes bigger than me.  More of the same this week, with hopefully more swimming since it looks to be warmer!  Here’s to all of our summer adventures and fun times!


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