Grandma Jane visits!

IMG_5093Grandma Jane left yesterday.  Ugh, always a let down to start the week when any of our family leaves, but we had such a good time!  Sam was SO excited she got to ride bikes with him!


Picked her up and went to his baseball game.  He did great!


Get it!


We always eat really good food when she’s here.  I love that we’re all foodies.


Lots of biking.  Draper, skate park and yesterday after they dropped her off at the airport they went up to Trailside.


Thank you Sedra for a fun afternoon at your place!


The only times we eat sushi are when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit.



Hi Ruby! Two peas in a pod lately.


First real long ride for me this year.  I was feeling it for sure, but it’s my happy place.  SO happy out there!


And this.  Dan’s BBQ feast!  Jane hadn’t had any of this yet so we had Ali and Mark over for this deliciousness.  Dan’s smoked pulled pork, beans, blue corn cornbread and collard greens.  Some other veggies and brussels sprouts on the side for good measure.  SO good.  Yesterday we hung out in the morning and soaked in a little more time with Grandma.  Can’t wait for your next visit!


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