Telluride {with a side of Moab and sickness}


Grandpa Mike got here last Wednesday!  Just in time to see Sam’s little graduation from preschool, too!


We have LOVED Miss Lynette so much.  Sam got to be with her for two years.  He’s already asked if she’s his kindergarten teacher.  I’ve had to remind him several times that she won’t be coming with him 😉


They did a little program for Grandpa and me since he was going to miss the final day on Friday.


He even got to play around with Behr and Parks.  They LOVE him.


Earlier in the week Sam had been complaining of a sore throat.  Nothing major along with it…until Wednesday.  Took him to the doc and sure enough it was Croup.  Ugh. THE worst, especially at night.  He slept fine Wednesday night but then Thursday around 10pm he took a turn for the worse.  I get really scared when his breathing is so painful to listen to and just watching him struggle to sleep.  We took turns with him in our bed and one of us in his bed to get a few hours of sleep since we were leaving for Telluride in the morning (Friday).  Mike had picked up Ellen and we were packed up and ready to go.  I was SUPER worried about him in the morning.  He got up and 20 minutes later he was asleep on the couch while I was trying to decide if we should go to the doctor again or just get to Telluride since I knew he’d just sleep on the way there.  Ellen is a doctor so she made me feel better and a little more calm, thank goodness.  He fell asleep almost immediately and slept on and off until we got to Moab.


The plan was to have Sam go with Mike and Ellen while Dan and I stopped for a quick ride in Moab since it was on the way.  Sam was feeling good enough to get in their car so Dan and I were able to make that ride!  I was SOOOO glad and happy!  Even though we were running on almost no sleep, we had a great time out there.


We climbed Amasa Back and rode down Captain Ahab.




The best.  3.5 hours to Moab, 2.5 more to go to get to Telluride.


The rest of the drive was BEAUTIFUL!  Started raining about 40 minutes after this picture.


Was raining pretty hard when we arrived, which we knew was probably likely.  The weather was for rain/snow mix, cloudy and cold the entire time.  The view from our rooftop, just above main street.  The place Ellen scored was awesome!


Sam was just NOT feeling well.  There was A LOT of hanging on the couch, short bursts of energy, naps, more hanging on the couch and some fun outside.  I ended up getting a sore throat Friday night and had pretty bad body aches up until today.  Still have a wicked sore throat that I’m hoping goes away soon.  UGH.


The hot tub was oh so nice.  He loved it!


Lots of napping.  He would nap 1-2 times a day and go to bed around 7:15pm. SO tuckered. This virus is just working him.


Out for a stroll


Found the rive right along side town.


And a little playground tucked in the trees


The Gallopping Goose train!


One morning we woke and it was sunny.  Two hours later it was dumping snow.



Took the Gondola up to the Mountain Village, where the actual ski resort is.  This place is HUGE!  It’s nice though that you can ride the gondy for free, whenever.  The Telluride Mountain Film Festival was going on, so Mike and Ellen went to a lot of those.


He requested ice cream and root beer.  He at maybe six bites and was done.  Lesson learned.


LOVE when Grandpa brings out the guitar.  We had a concert one night…


Managed to talk him into a short hike (pretty steep uphill the entire way) but really close to the condo.  Just a 30 minute hike or so.  It was gorgeous!





More napping.  This one was at 4pm.  He went to bed at 7:15pm this night.


More hot tub time! Oh, and the sun is out!


Went out one night for a yummy dinner.



The rooftop was a nice place to hangout, when it wasn’t weathering.


Watched a lot of bike movies.


And lots of Jenga!


And pretend Dominos.


Breakfast one morning at a really yummy, small place called The Butcher and The Baker.  DELISH!


Egg beater wars.  The condo has some serious trinkets and old vintage stuff.  Three sets of old, old egg beaters that Sam LOVED.


Made it out for a bike ride once between storms and him not feeling well.  This town is so, so beautiful.  The mountains seems SO big since you’re right there in them.


This is just behind us on that bike picture up the road and an old Mine Mill.  Ummm, kinda pretty, right?!



We had such a good time, despite Sam and I being sick and the weather.  I just love that we were invited to such a cool place and that we got to spend a lot of time with Grandpa and Ellen.  A great trip for sure!


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