Hello Monday

Happy Birthday Dan!


Celebrated Dan last week.  33 years young!  He went for a bike ride Wednesday night, lunch with his work Thursday and we had a fun BBQ at our place for he and Re since their birthdays are a day apart.  More kids this year than other years past.  Sam was LOVING it! His bike friend River and family came too!


Oh hi.


Birthday ride for Re!  Had the best time with lots of folks I used to work with at Backcountry.


Even made them a cake.  It was only five ingredients, so it was SUPER easy.  “5 Ingredient Almond Cake”


Lots and lots of playing with the boys last week, as usual.



Sam got to go to Behr’s 6th Birthday party Friday.  Courtney picked them all up in their huge van and took them to the party and back home.  SO fun!


Sometimes you just need to eat your breakfast in your old toddler car seat…or something.  I don’t really know what’s going on here.


Ali and I went to the cabin clean-up Saturday.  Cold, a little snowy but mostly fun.


Mom, Uncle Martin, Aunt Janna


Awesome cousins.  L to R: David Springer, Bryce Craven, Peter Fetzer


SO tuckered out from swim lessons.  He has one more left this week. He did SO good.  We can’t wait to go swim a lot this summer!

IMG_4875Sunday dinner at Grandma Carol and Grandpa John’s.  These cousins.  The best!


David put this picture up in they gym with my bio next to it for all the members and other trainers to see.

“It’s not until you look back that you can see how far you’ve come.”

Truth, times a million right there.

Excited to see Grandpa Mike and Ellen later this week!


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